Eczema part 1

Atopic Eczema:
What is it? – A break in the skin barrier
Who gets it? – Anyone, especially if you have a family history of atopy, asthma, rhinitis
What triggers it? – A multitude of factors. Essentially, we divide them into internal vs external factors.
External factors are harsh cleansers, soaps, weather, temperature…
What are the features?
– Subjective ones are a sense of itch, burning, stinging
Objective ones are redness, dryness, skin flaking and peeling
How can we treat it? – In cases of flare ups, the aim is to reduce inflammation, either thru steroids or immunomodulators, and keep your skin layer moist. 
Moisturizers can be divided into 2 forms, occlusives (which form a layer on your skin to reduce water loss) and humectants (which are substances that hold the water in the skin). 
How can we prevent flares? Identify your triggers, and keep your skin moist and protected from the sun. 
Skincare tips:
No hot showers, as thats drying. A warm shower is enough, and apply your moisturizer within 5 min. If you are having a flare, apply your topical steroids within 5 min. 
Dr Daniel Chang
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