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Nose, the perfect Asian nose.


What is it?

Let me attempt to share with you, how we doctors assess, and beautify, a nose. Let us divide the nose into the bridge, the body and the tip.




We Asians tend to have a low and flat bridge.

The nose body tends to have a hump, so its is not a continuous linear transition.

The nose tip can be rounded and wide.

And worse, our nose may not be well harmonised with the rest of the face.


Now the perfect nose has got to be well balanced and harmonised into your face.

Here is the science behind it.


But lets not bore you.

Here is the art behind it.


beautiful nose


(Scarlett Johansson taken from ABC news)

She is known to have a well balanced, well harmonised nose, and one of the best in Hollywood.





Notice this picture of a Korean star. See how the tip is upturned, the base is narrow, the body is long and straight, and the bridge, high and mighty.


Here is the science behind it.






But lets not bore you further.


Here’s the art behind it.




In the Western world, Kate Middleton has arguably a perfect nose.

3 key points.

1) High bridge

2) Feminine tip with a upturned curve

3) Slender body proportionate to the face


In the Asian world, we pride ourselves on a sharp nose to complement and accentuate a V shaped look.

After pics


Now this lady created a mini buzz with her super sharp chin. It was likened to a tapered container.

So essentially, I hope this light segment on the perfect nose will provide you with some interesting tidbits.

Happy New Year!


Dr Daniel Chang

Making ASIA, more beautiful, one face at at time.

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