5 BOLD tips to ACHIEVING your KOREAN look

Shiny skin, sheen on your face, T zone OILINESS… Hands-up those of you who have experienced or are battling this, in one way or another. Here in Singapore, our climate is hot and humid and it gets warmer every year. Our climate and the increased sweating only serves to compound this problem.


So the question is, how do we prevent this unwanted shine and achieve the MATT look?

Let me share with you 5 Bold Tips to getting rid of that shine.


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  1. Avoid harsh products – Alcohol-Based Products, Witch Hazel, Tea tree oil etc… These products tend to dry out your skin. When the sebaceous glands notice this, they work harder. They go into overdrive and produce more oil. And thats where you notice the shine.
  2. images (1)Use Water-Based, Oil free Products. These serve to moisturise your face, yet not add to the oil load on your skin. In addition, try to look for products that contain Zinc. Zinc is a matting agent that helps with shine control.
  3. Avoid over scrubbing and Overcleansing – Choose fragrance free and chemical free products. Cleansing too frequently strips the skin of its natural oils. This can lead to the sebaceous glands producing more sebum, hence making your face shiny. This is a common reason with many patients who, in their attempt to achieve a matt look, end up with more shine on their face because of overzealous cleaning and scrubbing. Scrubbers come in various shapes and sizes, and I absolutely mean it. You need to choose one with fine, microbeads, the finer the better, as these wont be as irritating to the skin. And limit scrubbing to 15 seconds max. Choose fragrance and chemical-free cleanser that doesn’t dry and irritate skin and apply moisturizer within 5min after washing to lock in the moisture.
  4. images Watch your diet. Diet high in fruits and vegetables and cut back on fast food, greasy food, dairy products. Some studies have shown that these measures can help reduce breakouts as well as regulate sebum production.
  5. Cover, cover, cover. Make-up tips to cover that sheen include use of water based products and powder to lock in that Korean matt look.

korean skin

So here’s a toast to shine-free skin. Be Bold and Beautiful!

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Dr Daniel Chang

Make Raffles Place more beautiful, one face at a time.


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