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Acne is a pain, and that’s an understatement. What can YOU do to dominate acne? Let me start by sharing with you more about acne.

Now we all know acne comes in various shapes and sizes.

  1. Comedones – aka your blackheads and whiteheads
  2. Papules and pustules – aka your pimples, zits
  3. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation – aka pimple marks
  4. Scars


The first step is recognising that they all fall under the umbrella of Acne. Next understand the natural history and progression of acne will equip you with the know-how to better manage and dominate your acne.

The picture above is an example of adult acne, which is commonly a result of hormones, and occurs along your chin and jawline.

Options for treatment include

  1. Good skincare regime and medication: Careful use of antibotics to reduce inflammation and comedolytics to unclog pores
  2. Carbon laser, IPL
  3. Microbotox

IMHO, I would recommend a combination of microbotox and IPL, Carbon Laser to help you dominate those zits.

Let me share with you my skincare tips for acne control.

  1.  Clean your face 2x a day, using a minimal touch technique. This is to remove all the old and dead skin that is causing the pores, but not over irritating your skin. 
  2. Use oil free skincare and haircare pdts. I have seen many patients with white heads and blackheads over the forehead, and it is commonly due to haircare pdts.
  3. Use oil free or ‘non comedogenic’ makeup pdts. Remember, you use makeup to look more beautiful, not to look worsen your acne.
  4. Always use sun protection. A higher SPF may not always be the solution. I believe in using SPF that is suitable for your lifestyle.
  5. Never ever squeeze a pimple. You risk scarring and spreading the pimple to other parts of your precious face.


(courtesy of web-md)

how-acne-develops(courtesy of 

Here is an example of Carbon peel


What does the Carbon Peel do?

  1. Reduces oil gland activity and promotes exfoliation, hence unclogging your pores to control your acne
  2. It also serves to tighten and improve the appearance of your pores
  3. And improves your skin texture, giving you a soft natural glow.

What does IPL achieve?

  1. Reduce the redness and discolouration from acne
  2. Reduce Sebaceous gland activity
  3. Reduce acne inflammation


What is microbotox?

It is the use of diluted botulinum toxin to induce 3 endpoints. Note that this is still in need of further research.

Personally, I believe in the use of Microbotox with Thermage or Ulthera to enhance the skin’s lifting properties, hence reducing jowling and skin sagginess. I also believe that Microbotox can be combined with acne treatments, IPL and Carbon laser to further improve the outcome.

  1. Reduction in oil production
  2. Refinement of pores to improve skin texture
  3. Skin tightening to improve sagginess and add to your radiancy and glow


So I hope this has been helpful. Happy Easter!

Be bold and beautiful. Making Raffles Place more beautiful, one face at a time.

Dr Daniel Chang

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