Beauty in Asymmetry …

There is beauty in Asymmetry. The most beautiful faces in the world are in fact, contrary to popular belief, asymmetrical.

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And there is a lack of beauty in Perfect Symmetry. In an age where we are obsessed with beauty, let us take a step back and look at the big picture.

The recent Korean trend…at first glance, they all look incredibly alike. As though they were produced by the same assembly line. download

Contestants at a Korean beauty paegant.

Magnifying these faces… and we notice a cookie cutter approach in Korean Plastic Surgery. A long slender nose, V shape jawline and big doey eyes. =)



Let us look at some faces now… Observe the difference between the original and computer generated images of purely the left, or right side. Wont u agree the original carries more style and substance?

download download (1) images

images (1)

Note, our left and right sides are never mirror images of each other. If we were, we would lose our characteristic trait which makes us unique and special.

So remember, there is beauty in Asymmetry. So dont go chasing every single line. Let your Aesthetic Physician devise the best programme to bring out the best in you, and enhance your originality and individuality.

Let your friends say ‘wow’! =)

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Dr Daniel Chang

 We know it’s always a challenge to find someone you can trust. We know and we CARE. We know no one is perfect and we too have our shortcomings. But, we are dedicated to doing our very BEST for you. We are here for you, and here to journey with you on your Aesthetic dream. TRANSFORM your solitary fantasies into a million realities. Fulfil the highest, truest, purest expression of yourself. Making ASIA, more beautiful, one face at a time. Dr DANIEL CHANG | POET | CATHOLIC | TRIATHLETE

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