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In society today, 3 groups of people are at their most vulnerable. With the rise of social media, and the use of gadgets to communicate, the generation today is faced with a new set of challenges.

Social media portrays people in the most positive light. Seeing your peers posting beautiful pictures and participating in awesome events creates a notion that ‘the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side’. This creates the false impression that other people’s lives are so cushy and impressive, while you yourself may be struggling in many ways.

3 at risk groups

The youth: Youths today are under massive pressure to excel in school. They have less face time with parents, and miss the nurturing and guidance that a fully attentive parent can give. Schools today place too much emphasis on academic performance and rote learning and very little on problem solving life-skills. Parents in our current generation tend to be too busy with work, leaving the care of their kids to the school or grandparents. Where kids feel that they can only get their parent’s approval if they get good grades, become a school prefect, break into the national team etc… This creates feelings of poor self esteem in youth, and this follows them through life. They have difficulty coping with stress, and find it tough to handle failures. A study shows that a kid aged between 3 to 6 years of age is at a key developmental stage. Lifeskills learnt during this time sets the foundation for healthy personal development in later years. Hence, please do not neglect your children, be kind to them.

The working adult: Adults are very social media savvy these days. And as mentioned earlier, social media creates the false perception that your neighbour is having ‘the time of their lives’, while we ourselves are struggling with work, bosses, career progression, insecurities etc… Inevitably, there will be comparison with peers and adults often find themselves caught up in the rat race. This creates feelings of anxiety, low self esteem and depression. Hence, be kind to one another.

The elderly: Elderly face the major challenge of loneliness, either because they are single, or their children are too busy with their work or family. Being physically handicapped, many need help for daily activities, and this inevitably creates a dent on their emotional well-being. Hence, be kind to your parents.

I created this blog with the purpose of serving the needs of men and women who are seeking aesthetic treatments for both rejuvenation and enhancement, providing them with useful educational information, helping them look and feel their very best, fulfilling their highest, truest, purest expression of themselves.

Along the way, I realised it is so important in our fast paced society today, to include elements of gratitude, kindness and positive psychology in order to address the primary goal of this blog.


We know that how we think affects how we feel, and how we act. So for today, lets start with little acts of kindness. Kindness does not just relate to cash donations, it includes sharing your time, attention and efforts with the less fortunate.

Little Acts of Kindness – Activities to challenge yourself 365 days of the year – Your 365 days Kindness Challenge

Give up your seat. Hold a door open for someone
Give a (sincere) compliment, telling someone you noticed they are doing an awesome job

Give honest appreciation to an old friend
Make someone laugh
Give YOUR CHILD a hug
Make someone new feel welcome. Take time to really listen to someone

Forgive someone for what they’ve done. Donate your old things to charity
Give food to a homeless person and take time to talk with them
Visit someone who may be lonely
Get back in contact with someone you’ve lost touch with
Have a conversation with a stranger
Read a story with YOUR CHILD
Say sorry (you know to who)


Research shows that humans long for connection and communication. So it’s not all about the need for success, perfection, approval etc. Society will blossom when people look out for each other.

When we’re kind to people we know it strengthens our connection with them and provides a source of support and this sets off a happiness cum kindness movement, aka paying it forward.

Doing kind things for strangers builds empathy and trust in our communities. This is the cornerstone for looking and feeling your very best. So take up the kindness challenge and go forth and help someone out.


So if you wanna feel GREAT, start doing good today!

  1. I wish for you to look and feel your very best.
  2. I wish for you to be so mentally strong that nothing can rock your peace.
  3. I wish for you to forget the mistakes of the past and press on to your greater work for the future.

Dr Daniel Chang


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