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What are patient Rejuran Healer reviews 2018?

Having performed hundreds of rejuran healer treatments, I can safely say that it has a near 99% satisfaction rate with my patients. Many can feel and see the difference in their skin quality, from tone, texture and colour.

What is Rejuran Healer cost in Singapore 2018?

Prices vary across the board, depending on experience of your surgeon and whether the treatment is performed via a machine or manually.

In experienced hands, prices start from $800.

There has been a recent up-surge in the number of patients asking for Rejuran. Some claim that it can help with reborn skin, baby skin, flawless skin, the list goes on. Is it really so effective or is this just hype? What is it really, and how does it work? Am I suitable for it?


Rejuran healer is PDRN based product. Derived from Salmon. So if you are allergic to fish, this is not for you.

It improves
1. Skin texture and tone
2. Fine lines
3. Oil water control
4. Reduces pores
5. Reduces sebum
6. Skin clarity
7. Acne scars

For more information, feelfree to refer HERE.    

From the Team at 4DFACELIFT.COM


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1 thought on “Rejuran cost | Rejuran review Singapore | Ask Dr Daniel Chang

  1. Hi Doctor Daniel, may I ask the difference in Rejuran and Rejuran HB?


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