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Are Christmas carols good for u?

Yes its that time of the year for melodious merry making and sweet catchy mindlessly brain-numbing musical tunes. 👻
An article by Business Insider claims that listening to too much christmas carols can make one anxious and depressed.
But before you start embracing the actions of the Grinch… 🧟‍♂️lets look at this on a deeper level. 

Why do people say Christmas carols can be harmful?

  1. I think this report must be taken with a generous spoon of salt.👌
  2. British clinical psychologist Linda Blair (no relation to Tony Blair I suppose 🙈) says that because we are taking too much effort to block out the Christmas season musical tunes, it puts a strain on our mind. Guess one man’s meat is another man’s poison 😆
  3. In my untrained musical mind, this is only true if we dont like the tunes. The article goes on to say that prolonged playing of the Christmas tunes causes a mental drain on shoppers and retailers, adding unwanted stress and frustration 🤡 (We all know what happened to the Joker) ☝️

Is this true for only Christmas carols?

While I agree that anything in excess is bad, and all things magical happen in moderation, I dont think that this applied specifically to Christmas carols. 
Like soju, too much of a good thing and your body goes on strikes and end up in hangover mode.

Confucius, in his doctrine of Moderation, stresses the middle path in human thought and action. From such learned Chinese philosophy, the key is clearly maintaining balance. 


Can music alter our mood?

Yes, research has proven that music can alter our mood. Opinion is divided on what genre of music works. 
Some find sappy songs soothing while others gravitate towards heart thumping ultra type music. *I remember what my headphones were playing during my younger muscle loving days* 🙈

Why do people like sad songs? 😭

Citation: Taruffi L, Koelsch S (2014) The Paradox of Music-Evoked Sadness: An Online Survey. PLoS ONE 9(10): e110490.
A survey conducted in the US on both Easterners and westerners shows that sad songs tend to be associated with memories, and this nostalgia enables us to revisit past events. There are beneficial effects from sad songs in terms of mood regulation and consolation, hence why so many people are hooked on this.

In my personal opinion, *okay I am no self-help guru here* addressing these negative emotions, facing them and not running away from them, builds a form of courage and provides release. This is one of the cornerstones of learning to accept yourself for who you are and not beating yourself up for what you are not. 

Conclusion ☀️

I feel, getting the right balance and mix of Christmas songs can go a long way to influencing our emotions. Hence preparing us for another joyous Christmas celebration with our friends and loved ones!!

…… and men will live forever more…

Because of Christmas Day 🥳🥳🥳 Hohoho Merry Christmas everyone 🎄🎄

Cheers to a blessed, bold and beautiful year end holiday my friends 😊

– Dr Daniel Chang



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Dr Daniel Chang
Dr Daniel Chang


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