5 simple steps to protect you and your family from the 2020 Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak | Korean Aesthetic Clinic


W: Wear a mask when in close contact with others. Better to keep yourself safe then save a mask

U: Understand that the virus is not airborne so stay calm

H: Hand hygience is the key

A: Avoid crowded places

N: Never touch your face unnecessarily. Your face is a no go zone.


W: Wear a mask

A mask is useful to prevent droplet spread, but it is only useful if one doesnt remove the mask and scratch your nose, eyes, face without washing your hands.

U: Understand that the virus is not airborne.

This means you do not need to don an N95 Mask against this virus.

A: Avoid crowded places.

The risk of human to human transmission of the virus increases.

H: Hygience – Both hand hygience and droplet hygience

Washing your hands is vital to prevent the spread of this virus. The virus resides and feeds on your respiratory secretions ( for example, your sputum and your mucus). Simple water and soap will remove the virus and its medium (your mucus) and the virus will die. Alochol based handrubs also help to dehydrate and kill the virus.

N: Never touch your face unnecessarily. Your face is a no go zone.

We cannot stress this enough. Your face is like a demilitarised zone and here, there is a lack of defence against invading forces. The virus can enter your body via the mucous membrane of your eyes, nose, mouth etc… Families with kids do take note and remind your children to avoid touching their faces.


People are afraid and fear causes us to make irrational decisions. Hoarding masks and alcohol rubs, raising prices, spreading fake news, being secretive about your travel history to China, sending your unwell kids to school etc… Its times like these where we need to stop judging others, but actively cooperate to share limited resources and disseminate helpful, honest information. Working hand in hand to both educate and protect ourselves and our families against this growing health threat. Then, and only then, will we be able to keep our homes and families safe. Dont pray for an easy life. Pray you can be of help to ease another’s life.

#staycalm #sharingiscaring #coronavirus

Dr Daniel Chang


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Musings of a dear friend | LivesofSG

I have looked depression and insomnia in the eye, and took them down. *Mcgregor style* || 我今天分享的是我自己的例子。我被诊断有憂鬱症,焦虑症,严重的过动证。16岁的時侯,我開始接受治疗。我深知社会对心理卫生疾病的看法,我发现言语与文字是有很大的影响力的,所以决定组织起来,帮助有需要的人。心理疾病也能发生在人生顺遂的人身上。2020是一個充满挑战的一年。如果你感到失望,沮丧,憂鬱,你并不孤单。我们的非盈利组织希望能够集结大家的力量,打败心理疾病。 我們有几个小组,由义工和专业人士组成 可以到我们的链接看一看。 LivesofSG 感到绝望|焦虑郁闷?你不是一个人。对于许多人来说,2020年是充满挑战的一年。如果您是一位年轻的专业人士(Gen X Y Z),却在焦虑和沮丧中挣扎,那么我们特别希望为您提供帮助。 项目总结|我们策略的基础知识 愿景:|| SG心理健康耻辱的系统,全面和临床摘录 建立一个可以公开,自由和积极地讨论精神健康问题的社区。我们将携手解决20-49岁的职业健康人士(众所周知的XYZ世代)困扰的精神健康问题。加入我们。加入我们的社区。团结一致的社区,多样性团结的社区。 我们主要关注=> WorkplaceDepression + PostnatalBlues 我们的核心支柱| LivesofSG的ABC 意识|建筑商|护理团队| 意识 -外展团队 -发布分享 -邀请志趣相投的人加入我们的社区 建筑商 -故事策划也称为HumansofNY风格 -个人分享和应对技巧的视频 -个人正面信息 护理团队 -教育部门 -工作场所变焦研讨会 -教授如何1.识别有危险的人2.共享应对技巧3.升级有危险的人 筹款| LiveofSG会议与我们的医生,心理学家,媒体心理学家,治疗师团队一起举办的慈善舞会。 Summary of 3 arms 组织通过三个主要管道提供协助。“我们的Awareness Ambassadors通过社交媒体接触新世代专业人士;号称Builders的组员则负责收集社会真实故事,通过视频和文字方式分享这些激励人心的故事,向社会传达正面讯息。另外,我们亦成立了Care … Continue reading Musings of a dear friend | LivesofSG

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