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Top 3 Aesthetic Concerns in your 20s
Top 3 Aesthetic Concerns in your 20s

In your 20s and 30s, what common skin woes do you face? Here’s a succint roundup of my top 3. Hope this helps and remember, with CNY coming, do take heaps of water and stay hydrated. Go easy on those pineapple tarts alright? =)

Problem 1 : Acne.

Acne is a sign of puberty and hormonal changes. Traditional acne treatment relied on antibiotics and oratane. But this is not a one size fits all treatment. Some people inevitably suffer from stomach upsets and dryness. To learn more about acne treatment, click here.

In the latest 2016 guidelines released, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends combination treatment for acne. 

The aim of treatment is to reduce acne outbreaks and minimise the dreaded acne scarring.I believe in the combination of good basic cleansing and toning, topicals+/- medication, chemical peels and laser treatment, to obtain optimum results. It should be actively managed to reduce the risk of permanent scarring.

My approach is to divide and conquer. Acne can be divided into non inflammatory, inflammatory and scars.


1) Blackheads – extraction BY A PROFESSIONAL

2) Whiteheads – retinoids ( retacnyl, differin), AHA peels and scrubs to remove the gunk and unclog the pore. Retin A based creams work well on long term acne control, and have anti ageing benefits too.


1) Benzoyl peroxide based treatment, plus minus oral antibiotics

2) Lasers and AHA based medical peels to control the oil, and increase exfoliation.

3) Blue light and antibiotics to kill p.acne bacteria.

Only when active acne is controlled, can we proceed to acne scar treatment.

Problem 2: Square Jaw.

We Asians are blessed with powerful jaw muscles. Stress sometimes causes us to clench our teeth, and leads to night grinding issues. Non surgical Jaw Slimming with muscle relaxants does the trick. To learn more about achieving your V-Shape face, click here.

Problem 3: Flat and rounded nose.

Unlike Caucasians, Asians tend to have a rounder nose tip and lower nose bridge. Nose Threadlift is a simple yet elegant procedure to fix this. To learn more about this treatment, click here.


So I hope this has been useful. Happy CNY folks!

Dr Daniel Chang


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