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So you just got back from a vacation. You were thoroughly enjoying yourself, what with the beautiful food, shopping and leisure. But wait, you are standing in front of the mirror, and you notice… pimples! Now where did these pimples come from? And why in the world are they starring back at you?

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So why do you get zits after a vacation? Is it the weather in the new country? Let us look into this today.

First, lets start from the beginning. Notice how you can parched lips and mouth on a long haul flight. And you end up downing more water than you usually do. You hardly use the washroom. Why is this so?


(Northern lights, taken from Huffington Post)

The air in the cabin is DRY. And that dryness affects your body. Your skin, being the largest organ on your body, is affected the most.

When your skin is dry, the dead skin cells stick together in clumps, and oil glands are activated. Hence when you land in your vacation area, you may notice flaking and clogged pores surfacing.

Clogged pores are the result of

  1. SEBUM
  2. Dead skin cells
  3. Cosmetics

During air travel, I believe it is the dryness in the cabin air that causes more sebum formation, and clumping of dead skin cells. And these clogs your pores.


So how can you get on top of things?

  1. Pack a gentle cleanser for the trip
  2. Make sure you moisturise before a long flight and when you land, be sure to moisturise regularly
  3. Load up on fruits and vegetables

In your holiday destination, if it is a cold winter climate, you will need a thicker , richer moisturiser. Healthy, well hydrated skin ensures you stay your absolute best.

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(Northern lights, taken from The Guardian)

And if all else fails, and you still see pimples popping, fear not. Here is my 3 step holiday acne busting regime.

  1. Cleanse gently, minimal touch technique
  2. Treatment with appropriate topicals +/- peels +/- lasers
  3. Moisturize, gently

Speak to your dermatologist for further information. SO… Keep calm, and truly enjoy your vacation!



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