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Annyeonghaseyo! The K wave led to an influx of people interested in Korean aesthetic treatments. It put Korea on the world map. And the trend continues. Today I will discuss a treatment for Korean dewy skin.

Now most of us spend the majority of our time in an air conditioned enviroment. This causes drying of the skin. The T zone shine that you see is your skin trying its best to compensate for the dryness.

When your skin is dry, it may turn red, flake, itch etc.

Lifestyle measures are vital so that you keep your skin in dewy top condition.

  1. Drink more water. Never forget to hydrate internally and not just externally with creams
  2. Facemasks are good, but they are not moisturisers. You still need those creams.
  3. Aqua Skinboosters are a helpful complement to the above. 

Do speak to your Physician for more information. Together, lets work towards healthy, Korean dewy skin!


Dr Daniel Chang

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