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Amidst this challenging times, here’s a refreshing dose of immune boosting positivity for a well-deserved treat. In celebration of International Day of Happiness, presenting kickass beauty treatments to help you Dear Reader, continue looking and feeling your very best. Studies show that when we feel great, our immune system is beefed up, keeping all germs at bay. So stay healthy. Stay safe. Stay connected. =)
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What are the TOP 5 aesthetic treatments in 2020?

Extract from our survey

We live in a fast paced, social media friendly world. We are always looking to put our best face forward, online and offline. The natural, clean and healthy look is here to stay. Looking good helps a person feel great about themselves. And studies show there is a beauty advantage! Your appearance has a positive correlation with your work, your career and your life.

In your 20s to 30s, preventative treatment is important. A little goes a long way. 

In your 40s, when you wake up one day, you will suddenly notice skin sagginess. This is your trigger point. It is your perfect time to consider a non surgical facelift. Nip it in the bud as soon as possible, and you will be saving yourself a lot of time and money in the long run.

In your 50s and 60s, facial volume loss, skin dehydration and wrinkling would be more obvious. Progressive treatments, addressing your dry, damaged and saggy skin will be key. This means having sessions spread over 6 months for optimal results.

Based on clinical studies and on the ground patient feedback, in no order of merit, here is the list of the TOP 5 Aesthetic Treatments in 2020. In my humble opinion, these treatments will benefit both men and women.

1. Threadlift | Thread-lift: This involves inserting threads into the SMAS LAYER of your skin. It has a triple action

  1. A lift action for an immediate and instant effect
  2. A regenerative action for gradual and natural results
  3. Stimulates growth of new collagen giving more definition and firmness to your features
What are the pros and cons of threadlift?

Pros: It gives an immediate instant lift.

Cons: You may experience temporary swelling, bruising and tenderness. In saggy faces, results may not last.

2: Injectible Lift | Dermal Filler + Sculptra Lift

  1. Fillers and Sculptra deposited at key positions to lift, anchor and support your saggy skin.
  2. There is a natural restoration of your original facial tissue position. Overall result is a lifted, tighter you.
  3. Additionally, sculptra has collagen boosting properties.
What are the pros and cons of injectible fillers?


Natural and instant result and helps restore lost volume. Also has a lifting effect.


Hyaluronic acid fillers last up to a year. Sculptra requires at least 3 sessions, but the results last up to 2 years and its collagen boosting properties improves skin quality, colour and radiance.

3: Energy device Lift | HIFU

  1. The end result is an instant tightening and face-lifting effect
  2. Which gets better over the next 3 months.
  3. There is a natural restoration of your original facial tissue position. Overall result is a lifted, tighter you.
What are the pros and cons of HIFU?


Natural and instant result. Completely non invasive, requiring no needles, no injections. The latest technology does not require any form of numbing. So its arguably a lunchtime quickfix.


Needs maintainence for optimum efficacy. On average, 3x a year.

4: Laser light | Pico-laser

  1. Targets pigments
  2. Improves pores and superficial scars
  3. Gold standard for tattoos

5: Skin repair | Rejuran  + Skinbooster

  1. Hydrates dry dehydrated skin
  2. Improves pores and scars
  3. Achieve health skin glow and radiance

This article is Part 2 of our series of top aesthetic treatments available in Singapore. In this series, we will explore skin rejuvenation treatments: Laser, Rejuran and Skinboosters. To learn more about Threadlift, Injectibles and HIFU, please refer to our previous article on the Top 3 Non Surgical Facelift treatments in 2020.

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