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NECK WRINKLES | How to treat them


NECK wrinkles, neck lines, neck creases… We all have them. We all dislike them. And we all cant seem to get rid of them…

These creases appear on your neck and lengthen and deepen with time. Unsightly and terribly difficult to treat, these lines have baffled doctors and consumers for years.

Today, I will share with you non surgical treatment options for these hard to improve wrinkles. Now all of us have it, however, in some cases, it is more visible due to a combination of reasons.

What is the cause of Neck wrinkles?

  1. Ageing, so you lose natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and your skin grows saggier
  2. Genetics, so some people are predisposed to having more lines
  3. Weight gain, so soft tissue collection further worsens this
CAUSE of double chin

What worsens neck wrinkles?

  1. All nighters, long haul flights, staying in a dry cool environment for long hours (eg office) As these activities over-dry your skin.
  2. Alcohol, dries your body system.
  3. Smoking, absolutely speeds up ageing.

How can you fix your neck wrinkles?

If you desire to reduce the excess fat and tighten your skin, there are some options available. There is no one size fits all technique. Options are on a case by case basis. For mild to moderate cases and a desire for non surgical intervention, combination treatment helps. This is my preferred approach. I call it the TIE approach.

  • T: Threadlift to lift and support the saggy tissue
  • I:  Injection – My signature combination of REJURAN, microtoxin and skinboosters to repair and hydrate your skin
  • E: Energy based devices – Skin tightening with Energy based devices. My personal favourite is the HIFU

In cases where there is a pre-existing double chin, please read below for more information.

SUBMENTAL FAT aka DOUBLE CHIN and Turkey Neck Next lets look at the chin and neckline. Notice a bulge under your chin? That is due to skin laxity and soft tissue accumulation. Now, allow me to share with you my approach to double chin reduction.

  1. T.I.E approach to tighten and firm skin
  2. C.K approach to reduce unwanted fat tissue

C: Cryolipolysis, which is a trademark fat freezing technique

K: Kybella, otherwise known as deoxycholic acid

saggy neck
saggy neck








So I hope this has been helpful!


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