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The taboo has vanished. Preventive self care is here to stay. And majority of Singaporeans agree that non invasive beauty treatments are socially acceptable.

– Aesthetic survey

Choice findings:

Regarding millennials

  1. 90 % of millennials say looking their best is important for success. To many of them, the question is not what treatment to start. The question is when to start treatment.
  2. 80 % admit to using apps to modify their appearance before posting on social media. ( We suspect its a lot more lol)
  3. The key challenge for millennials is cost.

As for our matured audience

  1. 70% of patients polled say beauty treatments are part and parcel of their daily lifestyle and they are all for preventive self care. (And we certainly expect this socially acceptable trend to grow)
  2. Key motivation for majority of patients is to look – *less tired* *less saggy* *less angry*
  3. 60% of patients ( who do not do botox, fillers, threadlifts) mention they would consider injectibles in time to come.

What influences the choice of clinic?

  1. Word of mouth is still by far the most reliable factor
  2. Internet – with google reviews being fairly dependable
  3. Social media – ( No wonder we see so many sponsored posts we see on Instagram and Facebook these days haha)

What are the top 3 concerns patients have regarding choice of treatment?

  1. Trust – Ultimately it all boils down to how much trust they have for their physician.
  2. Cost – Money matters are always a concern.
  3. Safety and efficacy – This is closely related to the trust aspect.

Aesthetic Treatment Survey Singapore 2019

What does our survey show?

Our survey shows majority of Singaporeans desire healthy skin. So how can you maintain healthy skin like the Koreans? Lifestyle measures are vital so that you keep your skin in dewy tiptop condition.

  • Lifestyle: Drink more water and consume more fruits rich in vitamin C. Never forget to hydrate internally and not just externally with creams
  • Skincare: Facemasks are good, but they are not moisturisers. Neither is aloe vera gel. You still need moisturisers.
  • Treatment: Skinbooster treatments are a helpful complement to the above. 

But for some ppl they dont have a good start state, med aesthetics will help. One patient in her 40s, an investment banker, Ms Y, mentions that she had acne since her teens, and this has progressed to her working life. She attributes it to her genes and stress at work. Given the nature of her job, she needs to look her very best.  

So I hope this has been enriching. Tune in for Part 3 and a roundup of this segment on Aesthetic Trends in Singapore. Have a bold and beautiful week folks! =)

  • Dr Daniel Chang

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