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In this series of Skin-smart articles, today we will start with IPLs. Subsequent articles will discuss all about Lasers.

With the beauty industry undergoing a radical change, lasers clinics are mushrooming all over. I am sure many of you have started having laser treatments for your skin in place of traditional facials. And the question many have asked is, which is the best laser around.

Now every laser has its benefits and drawbacks. I think the more important question is, what is your aesthetic goal?

Patients have commonly requested for me to recommend a treatment with high safety, good efficacy and minimal downtime. Hence today, I would like to bring in the classic IPL to add to your to-do-list.


What is IPL?

Intense Pulsed Light ( IPL) is an elegant system that can help reduce the reds and browns we have in our skin.

What benefits can you obtain from IPL?

The beauty of this is that it is one of few systems that can effectively target the reds and browns in your skin, with little to no downtime, so you can put your makeup right away and be off in a jiffy. IPL targets 3 areas.

1) Pigments – For lightening of brown spots – melasma, sunspots and freckles.

2) Vascular – For improvement in redness – erythema, spider veins and acne.

3) Tone – For refinement of pores and a smoother you. The deeper heating of the dermis, can help stimulate new collagen production.  This improves your skin texture and fine wrinkling.



Many patients notice that after IPL treatments for redness and freckling, their skin is smoother, makeup goes on easier and their pore size is refined.  Technically pore size is treated much better with fractional laser resurfacing, but it is also noted after IPL treatments.

Is there any downtime?

No downtime, no fuss, no nonsense treatment, this is really like a lunchtime procedure. The beauty about this treatment is that you can slap on makeup and be out in a jiffy.

What is the maintainence after IPL?

A good skincare regime. Using my S.E.A and T.C.S principles. Pls refer to my skincare page for further info.

So I hope this has been helpful.

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