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2019 Anti-Ageing review Singapore

What are other findings of our survey?

Our survey shows Singaporeans are more open to Energy based devices and have benefited from its effects on skin rejuvenation.

Our survey shows Singaporeans are willing to spend $3K / month on Skin rejuvenation, be it creams, treatments, facials etc.

As per any survey, several myths were uncovered. So here, we will discuss the common myths.

What are some common myths about anti ageing treatments?

Myth No. 1: You can always tell when someone has had “work done”


  • Well, in the past, people wanted dramatic results.
  • Now, the trend is towards, subtle natural enhancement.
  • The best aesthetic surgeons would understand their patient’s expectations, and seek out an outcome that is both beautiful and natural.

Myth 2: Cosmetic treatments are painful and carries downtime

Fact: The truth is, there are many pain reduction modalities and managing pain is both an art and a science.

I have had patients telling me they ‘didnt feel the needle’, ‘are surprised the treatment was over’, ‘the needle prick felt like a massage’ etc.

Myth 3: Once I stop my anti ageing treaments, I will look older than before

Fact: Your will just look like the original version of yourself, with the wrinkles and hollows, nothing more, nothing less. While the new collagen that has been stimulated from the treatment stays with you.

Myth 4: Aesthetic treatment is all about Beauty and Vanity, so only those who lack confidence undergo these procedures


  • It is a proven mood booster.
  • Based on studies from the American Society of Psychology, helping a person look good can help them get hired sooner, get promotions more quickly, earn more money and get more perks in life
  • People do treatments to correct inherent deficits in their features. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, when done in a controlled manner.

Myth 5: The effects of botox and facial fillers are irreversible

  • Fact: Hyaluronic acid Fillers can be dissolved in 24 hours.
  • Fact: Anti wrinkle treatments only last 4 months on average.
  • Fact: With regular use, ageing process is graceful.

Myth 6: Botox and fillers are unsafe.

  • Fact: Botox is an anti-wrinkle injectable medicine that relaxes the muscles in the face that are responsible for our negative facial expressions and reduces lines, while fillers plump and smooth out folds.
  • Fact: BOTOX has a long and well-established safety history. BOTOX has actually been in use for over 20 years for the effective treatment of a range of medical conditions and is one of the most widely researched medicines in the world, with over 50 million treatments and more than 95% satisfaction rate worldwide.
  • Fact: In experienced hands, fillers are safe. I advocate using hyaluronic acid based fillers, which are FDA approved and 100% biodegradable. This gel resembles your body’s own hyaluronic acid.


It is thus our hope that the sharing in this article will be helpful, journeying with you dear reader to continue to look and feel your very best. Together lets make Singapore known for

  • Ethical, safe and effective evidence based treatments.
  • Helping people look and feel their very best.
  • Making Asia more beautiful, one face at a time.

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