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I am writing this based on my own experience treating patients over the years.

If you came across this because you were wondering ” How can I fix my acne“, you are not alone. This is one of the most common questions people ask me, both online and in my clinic.

It is bad enough to battle acne when you were in your teens. The last thing you want is acne marks that leave scars on your face.

Many of you have tried countless of products to fix your acne. I know how frustrating it can be. I know how disappointing it can get. I know how annoying it can feel.

There are MANY, I repeat MANY products for acne, both in pharmacies or clinics. Dont waste your time and money on things that dont work.

I hope that this concise article provides you practical tips to treat your acne. Together, we can stay ACNE FREE.



  1. Diet
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Treatment ( Go natural)

What doctors may not tell you, is that eating healthily helps your acne.

Avoid dairy products, milk, chocolate, cheese, yoghurt AND sugary drinks nearer your menses. I practise drinking soya milk. In fact, some people believe it is good for attaining silky smooth skin as well lol.

Lifestyle, aim for stress free. Of course that is seldom possible in our society today, so the key is to MANAGE your stress. In my experience, practising meditation in the morning, keeping active with runs and gym work helps.


Use products with the label non comedogenic. This means it will not clog your pores. Use mineral makeup and light sunscreen moisturisers.


Naturally means without the use of roacutane, antibiotics.

  1. Phototherapy – Blue light has been proven in studies to destroy porphyrin produced by P Acne bacteria. It works best if acne is inflammatory- namely zits, pustules, pus and pimples. This is completely painless.
  2. Medical Peels – AHA and BHA based peels help to mop up the sebum, exfoliate dead skin and kill P Acne bacteria
  3. Lasers – This is the icing on the cake and combined with the above two modalities, forms the basis of your natural acne treatment.

For those with cystic scarring acne, then roaccutane may be your next step. Do seek your dermatologist for further information.

For those of you who have controlled acne successfully, but have acne marks that you want to fix, please read further. The key is to identify acne scars from acne pigmentation marks. Both can be fixed.

To learn more about acne scars, pls click below:


Together, lets say ACNE Free.



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Dr Daniel Chang
Dr Daniel Chang


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