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How common is Hormonal ADULT ACNE?

In my experience, hormonal, or adult acne is extremely common and affects AT LEAST 25% of Singaporean women.

What is Hormonal or Adult ACNE?

1.You are no longer in puberty. You are in your 20s, your peak childbearing period.

  1. Location over your chin and jawline. And recurs over the SAME PLACE every month.
  2. Coincides with your Period cycles and patterns.

What contributes to Hormonal or Adult ACNE?

  1. LIFESTYLE – Stressful, lack of sleep, constant picking of pimples
  2. GENES
  3. DIET – Rich in dairy and sugary food.


 How can we treat Hormonal, adult Acne?

This is notoriously difficult to treat, and tends to recur. I like to advocate homecare, natural remedies as a first line. My step wise approach is 1. Natural 2. Medical 3. Oratane


  1. Skincare – stick to non comedogenic ones
  2. Diet – Omit dairy product, sugary food
  3. Herbal – Anti inflammatory products, tea tree oil can help in some cases.

Not forgetting, if you notice, going on a holiday ALWAYS helps your hormonal acne. – Dr Daniel Chang

When natural remedies fail, this is your next option.


  1. Retinoids + Antibiotics: Start with topical, then progress to oral if needed
  2. Laser Peels
  3. Blue light therapy

In my practice, I only escalate to Oratane if all the above fails. As I find that not all Asians don’t respond well to it, many end up with skin irritation.


So I hope this segment on ADULT ACNE was useful. Remember, acne is not a battle to be fought alone. Doctors are here to help.

Have an ACNE FREE June Holiday!


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