Aesthetics is not merely the philosophy of beauty, but the theory of feeling | Korean aesthetic clinic


“People will stare. Make it worth their while. Be bold and beautiful. When you feel great about yourself, you are bold and beautiful. You radiate zen, peace and joy. People are attracted to you. Sync-ing your mind, body and spirit will not merely make you look awesome, but feel awesome as well, and bring to others joy that you can never imagine. Aesthetics is not merely the philosophy of beauty,  it is the theory of feeling. ”


 “Beauty is not always about enhancement, sometimes, it is the simple act of restoring what you originally had. Beauty is both an art and a science. Most people have some asymmetry in their facial features. This in itself, is not a problem. This becomes a problem when the asymmetry interferes with their lives.” 



“I strongly believes that beauty is a combination of both modifiable and non modifiable factors. What we cannot change is our genes, but what we can change is our attitude. And I advocate a pro-active approach to life, living life to the fullest and seizing opportunities along the way to connect with people and helping each other along life’s journey.”



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