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Looking back, 2014 was an eventful year.
In Mid 2014, I attended an Advanced Aesthetic Injection Masterclass organised by Dysport, with Korean Plastic Surgeon Dr Lee YS, who was the creator of the Dermalift technique. This was the use of diluted micro-dysport to induce a skin lift effect, aka a liquid face-lift.
(Here are some photos with Dr Lee and our Singapore doctors. It was a fruitful experience indeed!)
In late 2014, I attended the AMAC, Aesthetic Dermatology and Surgery, Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine, Congress. This was an excellent scientific programme where international Aesthetic Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons shared their latest treatment insights, protocols and techniques with the use of Laser, botox, fillers and threadlifts. Of note was Dr C Anand, Celebrity Dermatologist who shared her excellent technique on nose fillers.
Early this year, I had the privilege to attend an Advanced Laser workshop in Korea with well-known Korean Dermatolgist Dr Uncheol Yeo, who shared the intricacies of the treatment of pigments, pores, pimples in the Asian skin.


During the trip, I also visited a number of Korean Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology clinics. They were, Bonita, Juneis, Skyfeel and Won Jin Clinic, where I picked up finer tips and techniques on the Korean V lift, botox, fillers.


( With Dr Uncheol Yeo and having a we-fie moment @ Won Jin Plastic Surgery Clinic)


( @ ChungDam Juneis Plastic Surgery & Dermatology, @ Bonita Clinic with Dr Jung and @ Skyfeel clinic)

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Life is a journey, and learning never ends…

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