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Are you feeling tired?

Tired workforce 

Its the end of the year. The peak season for many companies, and along with it lies a mountain of workload for us to chop down.

For some of you, its a crazy season, rushing to meet deadlines, KPIs and what-nots. For others, its the start if the holiday season haha.

You have worked your socks off the whole year, and its just one last hurdle before the new year. Admittedly, it is normal to be feeling tired. You may find your energy levels waning, your body slowing down, and your concentration weakening.

So the question is, how do re-ignite your metabolism and fire up to a supreme peak state of energy?

Here is my 3 step approach, time tested, clinically proven to rev up your metabolism into Ultimate Energiser bunny mode lol.

Step 1. Diet: 

Go big on these: Protein. Green Tea. Cold water. Spicy food. Coffee.

Avoid sugar drinks, high carbs. Avoid skipping meals!! Here’s why.

Many weight watchers amongst you may be skipping breakfast or lunch as a dieting avenue, or just because you dont have time. You will soon realise that this only causes you to overeat at dinner time. Worse still, your metabolism slows down, and you feel tired more often. So never, ever skip meals.

Step 2. Workout: 

  1. High Intensity Training aka HIT. This is a perfect endorphin releasing technique, and will fire up your system for the ensuing hours.
  2. Lift heavy weights. This requires a weight that you can lift for ten reps comfortably for 3 sets, Your muscles should ache after the exercise. And you will feel awesome.
  3. Stand and walk about every hour for 5 min. This helps you avoid sitting for long periods and is a brilliant way to energise yourself. Sitting is the new energy sucking monster.


Step 3. Rest. 

  1. Sleep well. Shut out all distractions, computer monitor, handphone blue light etc. Warm glass of milk can help to send you to Lala land. Practise mindfulness meditation if you find you suffer from insomnia and have difficulty sleeping.
  2. Take short power naps during your lunchbreak. 10min is all you need to re-energise and re-fireup your engines.
  3. Schedule holidays every 4 months. Studies show having a break to look forward to periodically, is a perfect morale booster, so thats why we have NATAS fair haha.


Remember, in life, you either progress, or regress. You never stay stagnant. So go out there and kick some ass. Progress to your next level!

So I hope this segment will help you find ways to eradicate fatigue and embrace your Supreme state of energy. Hang in there, dont work too hard, and Xmas is on its way!


Dr Daniel Chang


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