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It has been a hectic few months, with myself attending local and regional courses to keep abreast of the latest developments in Aesthetics, and bring to my patients the very best.
In March, I was invited to attend an Advanced Ulthera course where I further refined my technique with this non-invasive lunchtime facelift.
Locally, I attended the Face Cadaver workshop and Clinical Facial Aesthetics Singapore to refine and polish my technique on lasers, botox, fillers and threads.
Here are some photos from the Clinical Facial Aesthetics Scientific Meet.
2015-06-04 20.40.132015-06-04 20.53.51IMG_5174-1
( With Dr Wang and Dr Ben Liang from Taiwan and Prof Goh from Singapore)
With Dr Lee Hong Ki ( famous Korean Plastic surgeon) and Dr C Anand (celebrity Dermatologist)
Subsequently, I flew to charming Nusa Dua, Bali. Yeah it was not entirely for leisure, though I spent a good day at Seminyak, and the beach!
(At Nusa Dua beach, picture courtesy of Faustina)
It was also for IMCAS Asia 2015.
I met up with international Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists. It was a fruitful exchange of ideas as they shared advanced laser, chemical peels, filler and botox techniques. Amongst them was famous US plastic Surgeon Dr J Sykes,  Italian Plastic Surgeon Dr Daniel Cassuto, Taiwanese Dermatologist Dr Patrick Huang, leading French Plastic Surgeon Dr Benjamin Ascher, key UK Aesthetic Physician Dr Uliana Gout, key Australian Plastic Surgeon Dr Steven Liew.
20150801_163549  2015-07-31 23.16.16 20150801_105919 2015-07-31 23.18.00  ( With the experts @ IMCAS Asia 2015)
 Learning never ends. Stay tuned for Part 3!
Dr Daniel Chang
Believe. Dream. Achieve.
Be Bold and Beautiful.

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