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PRP – platelet rich plasma

Anti ageing has always been a premium and a privilege. With advances in medical science, we have seen newer, safer and more effective techniques. No doubt, regenerative medicine and anti ageing medicine are still in their infancy and are presently not HSA approved. Yet no one can disagree that the results have been both exciting and promising. An effective treatment for hair loss, scars and wounds and anti- ageing is an enormous thing. Staying young and natural never goes out of trend. On the subject of regenerative and anti ageing medicine, in part 1 today, we will discuss PRP.

PRP – platelet rich plasma


PRP – platelet rich plasma

What is PRP? 

Platelet rich plasma (PRP), is plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF), platelet concentrate (PC). It is an increased concentration of your body’s own platelets derived after centrifugation. It is rich in growth factors essential for skin recovery and healing.

Who can benefit from PRP?


  1. Burns – First and second degree
  2. Superficial injuries, cuts, and surgical wounds, ulcers and scars
  3. Hair loss disorders – PRP wakes up dormant hair follicles and stimulates new hair growth
  4. Anti ageing, rejuvenation – PRP injections can treat fine lines, photodamage and pigmentation, giving you a healthier, brighter glow
  5. Acute musculo-skeletal injuries
  6. images-2
    PRP for hair loss

    Hair loss

Is PRP safe?

PRP is derived from your own body and poses no danger of allergy, hypersensitivity or foreign-body reactions. Complications are rare and may include infection.

Who is unsuitable for PRP?


  1. Coagulation disorders – Low platelet count ,Hypofibrinogenaemia or using anticoagulation therapy  (warfarin, dabigatran, heparin)
  2. Sepsis (infection)
  3. Chronic liver disease

Whats the clinical evidence to support PRP use in regenerative medicine?

Available data are based on multiple case studies conducted in numerous countries. These studies have demonstrated:

  1. Improvement in skin texture, tone and tightness within 21 days with ongoing growth
  2. Areas commonly treated using the PRP for rejuvenation include face and post-pregnancy stretch marks.
  3. We await randomised controlled trials to prove the efficacy of this treatment.

The future of regenerative and antiageing medicine continues to be promising. Stay tuned for subsequent articles on this rapidly growing field.


Dr Daniel Chang

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