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So the Spectra Carbon Laser works on the principle of targeting angry active acne.

It reduces oil gland activity, reduces bacterial inflammation, and promotes exfoliation, hence unclogging your pores.



Most acne medications are drying to the skin. This is a necessary evil. The flipside of course is the triggering of eczema.

Never attempt to wage this battle alone. Enlist the help of your friendly doctor to guide you thru the various treatment regimes.

Acne can be classified into mild, moderate and severe.

So the question is- how do we treat acne?

I believe in the combination of topicals+/- medication, +/- laser treatment, to obtain optimum results. Acne should be actively managed to prevent permanent scarring.

As a general rule of thumb,

Carbon laser, which serves to kill the P acne bacteria, shrink pores, and reduce sebum pdt, is a good treatment to have. In addition, I would recommend the following…

Mild (comedonal acne or mild inflammatory acne): topicals retinoids,

Moderate: oral antibiotics & topicals, if inflamed, to use abx and benzoyl peroxide.

Severe (nodular): oral isotretinoin

For you folks with depressed scars, pixel/ C02 lasers would be an option, +/- subcision, to lift the scar.

Your friendly physician should be able to navigate you thru the sea of information and choose one which suits you best.

Hope this post has been helpful!


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