Happiness, kindness and gratitude movement – Part 2Korean Aesthetic clinic

Happiness, kindness and gratitude movement – Part 2




    LOOK AND FEEL YOUR VERY BEST. This blog was created with the purpose of serving the needs of men and women who are seeking aesthetic treatments for both rejuvenation and enhancement, providing them with useful educational information.
In Part 1, we addressed the importance of GIVING.
Now let me share the other steps of a looking and feeling beautiful, both inside and out. It is called the GREAT principle.
G: GIVING your time, energy, doing things for others, looking our for others ( See Part 1)
R: RELATING. Connect with people, your family, friends and loved ones. Give a long lost relation a call, check on an old friend, drop by your parent’s home for a meal. Writing a gratitude note to a loved one.
E: Exercising. Studies show physical exercise,  and audio exercise ( music) has great benefits to looking and feeling great!
A: Awareness. Mental awareness through mental exercise (meditation), reflecting on the here and now, living in the PRESENT, and not worrying about the PAST and FUTURE.
T: Thankfulness. Being grateful. Thats why writing a daily gratitude list of the top 5 things you are grateful for every day is so essential to living a happy life.
So I hope this has been helpful!

So if you want to feel great, practise gratitude!

My last article will tie this all together. So watch this space. I hope this has been useful.

Dr Daniel Chang


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