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What are youthful Asian lips?

Asians tend to have fuller upper lips.

Youthful lips are represented by sharply defined borders in your cupid’s bow, philtrum columns and a 3D projection, which is well appreciated from your side profile .

A pout in the central of the lips indicates attractiveness, think Angelababy.

What happens to our lips when we age?

  1. Flattening of cupid’s bow. Flattening of philtral columns
  2. Loss of fullness and projection
  3. Loss of lip eversion

How is lip enhancement done?

It is vital to identify beauty ratios that suits your face, not following blindly media beauty standards.

I do this through harmonising of your key features, namely your chin, nose and face shape. For example, pouty lips fits faces which are v lined, and blessed with a defined chin and nose.

Over plumping of upper lips only will lead to the swollen sausage lips look.

There is no limit to how much lip fillers, but in my experience, this is best done in stages together with the rest of your key features. Let me illustrate with a diagram on lip dimensions below.

lip diemnsions


What are the side effects of lip fillers?

This can include

  1. temporary swelling
  2. temporary bruising

In my experience, there are specific measures to speed up healing.

What fillers work best for your lips?

Choice of filler depends on the following

  1. The dimensions of your original lips
  2. How pouty you would like your lips to be.
  3. What type of lips suit your features.

 Allow me to share my clinical experience with the following filler brands.

Volbella | Restylane Vital

This is a dynamic soft gel. In my experience, this filler should be used in patients wanting a ‘natural’ appearance and a more hydrated, polished look.


It incorporates short and long chain hyaluronic acid to enhance the crosslinking without increasing stiffness. In my experience, I find this makes it a good filler choice for those patients seeking a firm pouty look. The manufacturer claims that results last 9 months.

 Restylane Kiss

The product is designed to include several levels of cross-linking and particle sizes, leading to have a maximum effect in the different layers of tissue into which they are injected. In my experience, this can be suitable for those patients who want a ‘fuller’ appearance without looking too big. The manufacturer claims that results last six to nine months.

What do we know about lips in different cultures?

  1. Studies show, Korean women have the highest ratio of upper lip to lower lip.
  2. Chinese women have the thickest lower lip, as well as the greatest upper lip volume.
  3. Male lips were found to be more similar to each other across ethnic groups; however, Caucasians men had the thinnest lips. Men of Chinese descent had the largest total lip volume

So I hope this segment on lips has been helpful. Have a lip enhancing week ahead!

Dr Daniel Chang

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