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Injectible Fillers

Injectible Fillers

What are injectible fillers?

Injectable filler is a dermal filler filler injected into the skin at various layers to help volume restoration, enhancement and softening of fine lines. It can be divided into hyaluronic acid based and non hyaluronic acid based.

What filler is best?

This depends on the patient condition, patient expectation and physician expertise. From a clinical perspective, pure hyaluronic acid fillers have the longest and best safety profile. Their effects can be reversed with an enzyme, hyaluronidase. This is unlike non hyaluronic acid based fillers which have no antidote.

How much do fillers cost?

Price range from $699 to $1200 per syringe of filler. This depends on the brand and model of filler.

What is sculptra?

Sculptra is a unique collagen stimulator, it consists of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) and is an FDA-approved dermal filler.

1) Stimulates and re-orders the fibroblasts of your skin cells to bind more elastin and collagen, hence creating an instant firming,tightening and slimming effect

2) It also has a collagen stimulating effect, hence a sustained firming result over time.

3) It is FDA approved and consists of PLLA.

How much is sculptra | 在新加坡打少女针价钱?

3 sessions is required and prices range from $1200 – $2500 per session.

High intensity Focus Ultra Sound | HIFU


What is HIFU treatment? 

Ultraformer 3 gold Singapore

Cutting edge technology, utilising high intensity focused ultrasound for lifting and tightening of saggy skin.

How is it done? 

A gel is applied on your face and neck, and a ultrasound probe delivers the energy directly over your face to the desired layer. You will feel a tingling sensation intermittently.

What are the side effects of HIFU treatment?

This is essentially a treatment with zero to minimal downtime. In some cases, you may see some redness that disappears over hours. In rare cases, wheals may form but this is also transient.

How does HIFU work?

HIFU uses high intensity focused ultrasound directed onto the SMAS layer to lift, firm and tighten.

It has a triple action of collagen stimulation, remodelling and growth ove 3 – 6 months for increased efficacy.

What is the recommended treatment interval?

3 sessions a year for optimum results

What can patients expect?

During treatment, some patients do feel the discomfort, some patients describe a ‘sharp’ sensation, as if little hot toothpicks are pricking them. Your physician will customise a programme to reduce this pain sensation.

What are results of HIFU? 

  1. Softening of the jawline, nasolabial fold, double chin and eyebags.
  2. Lifting of midface, eyebrow.
  3. Tightening and firming of face.

What is the cost of HIFU treatment?

A single session can range from $900 – $4000, depending on the brand of machine and number of shots. I recommend individualised sessions of targeted treatment, 3x a year for optimum results.

What do I need to know about HIFU treatment?

  1. Understand YOUR skin health and COMMIT to a consistent skincare regime in order to enhance and maintain results
  2. The procedure delivers focused ultrasound energy at precise depths and temperatures to initiate neocollagenesis, without disrupting the surface of the skin. ( 4.5mm to the underlying SMAS LAYER, 3mm to the deep dermis, 2mm to the mid dermis and 1mm to the upper dermis)
  3. Results are better when your skin has a lot of healthy collagen and elastin.

If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain.

Emily Dickinson

In my clinical experience, I find that combining techniques is necessary for patients with moderate to severe sagginess. Hence I developed a holistic technique for non surgical facelift. This technique is safe, evidence based and simple.Many of my patients appreciate it. I call it the 4D-Facelift.

What is the 4D FACELIFT?

It is a treatment designed to lift your face non surgically and naturally by addressing different depths of your skin. D stands for depth, and here I focus on 4 skin layers.

Periosteal layer

Subcutanous layer

SMAS layer

Dermis layer

What are the steps involved in a non surgical 4D Facelift?

STEP 1: T.I.E | Threadlift + Fillers + Collagen boosters ( Sculptra) + | Energy based devices ( HIFU)

STEP 2: Maintainence | Skinboosters + Rejuran ( For skin repair and hydration)

STEP 3: Home care | Antiageing creams, sun protection and hydration

Conclusion: What is the best treatment for non surgical facelifting?

For patients with moderate to severe saggy face, who do not want the downtime of surgery, it is good to consider the TIE approach.

T: Threadlift

I: Injectibles – Filler and sculptra

E: Energy devices – HIFU

This can be followed by 3 sessions maintainence treatment for skin repiar and hydration with Rejuran + Skinbooster. Coupled with a hardworking skincare regime of sunblock and moisturiser, you are on your way to seeing lasting changes you really like =)

In my clinical experience, combination therapy T.I.E, using fillers, threadlift and energy based devices, produce a safe, efficient and effective non surgical facelift. Maintainence is recommended to enhance longevity of treatment.

Dr Daniel Chang
Dr Daniel Chang | Asia Aesthetic Dermatology
Dr Daniel Chang


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