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cost of Ellanse in Singapore

What is sculptra. What is Ellanse? | 少女针.童颜针是什么?

Sculptra is a unique PLLA based collagen boosting filler (poly-L-lactic acid = PLLA).

Sculptra works to restore your facial volume by activating fibroblasts in your skin to produce new collagen in a process known as neocollagenesis. Type 1 and Type 3 collagen are the key products.

Ellanse is a PCL based collagen stimulator, officially approved by MHRA in the UK and the FDA in the USA and for restoration and/or correction of the signs of facial fat loss (lipoatrophy) and is used for treating facial lines and wrinkles

What are patient reviews for sculptra filler?

On realself, a leading unbiased, objective patient review website based in the US, sculptra scores a whooping 82% from 1,041 reviews. Dont take my word for it. Read the 1041 reviews on their site. =) In my clinic experience, aesthetic treatments tend to yield subjective results. It is not often we get such high patient satisfaction rates. So for >1000 reviews and 82% ratings, its certainly SPEAKS volumes of the treatment.

Sculptra has been FDA approved for more than a decade, so it is backed by science and time tested evidence. The long term side effects have been well investigated.

What are patient reviews of facial fillers | dermal fillers in Singapore so far?

From realself, Dermal fillers have a >90% satisfaction rate for facial volume restoration and enhancement based on 3134 reviews. The reason being, Hyaluronic acid fillers have been FDA approved for use for more than a decade, so its safety and efficacy is without question.

What are patient reviews of Ellanse? | 为何要选择打少女针?

Because it’s a longer-lasting filler, you may have delayed side effects for as long as it stays in your body. It can’t be dissolved, if you don’t like the result or have a complication. RealSelf reviews who said it’s Not Worth It reported lumps and other visible side effects. Overall, a satisfaction rate of > 75% if used correctly in the right candidates.

However, do note that as of now… ELLANSE IS still NOT an FDA approved filler. The long term side effects have not been as extensively investigated as the fillers above, and persistent nodules and granulomas tend to occur in patient’s with altered immune reactions.

What is the cost of ellanse, vs sculptra vs facial fillers | dermal fillers in Singapore in 2020?

在新加坡打少女针价钱? 在新加坡打玻尿酸.乔雅登.绿珠兰.瑞蓝价钱?

This varies across the board. Cost depends on experience of injector. In experienced hands, prices of dermal fillers starts from $650…. Here is a breakdown.

Sculptra starts from $1500 per vial / session. Depending on your skin quality vial is 3-5 cc of product.

Ellanse starts from $1200 per syringe. Each syringe is 1cc of product.

Juvederm starts from $850 per syringe.

Teosyal starts from $650 per syringe.

Restylane starts fromm $700 per syringe.

There are basically 2 main types of dermal fillers.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers lnclude Restylane, Juvederm, Boletero, Teosyal range

Semi permanent, collagen boosting dermal fillers include Radiesse, Ellanse, Sculptra

What are the pros and cons of Sculptra vs Ellanse | 少女针.童颜针

Pros of Sculptra:

  1. Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers, that volumise sunken faces and fill wrinkles. Sculptra has the additional ability to promote collagen production over time.

2. With neocollagenesis, effects of sculptra last up to 36 months.

3. Collagenesis leads to skin tightening, whitening and brightening, a unique feature of sculptra.

4. Sculptra is a well regarded skin and facial volumiser. It can improve your dermis, subcutaneous and deep layers of your skin. It is particularly effective in patients with large facial volume deficits.

5. Sculptra is more cost effective when several syringes of dermal filler are required over extensive facial areas. Average cost of a sculptra programme ranges from $3600 – $5000, depending on the number of vials required. This works out to roughly the price of 4-5 syringes of Juvederm Voluma. In experienced hands, Ellanse starts from $1500 per syringe. The beauty of Sculptra is, you are getting more than 5cc of product =)

Cons of sculptra:

  1. Sculptra requires a minimum of 3 sessions unlike dermal fillers treatment which can be completed in 1 sitting. So more trips to your doctor is needed.

2. The results are not noticeble after a session. One would need at least 3 months for neocollagenesis to take place. So this takes time.

3. In some patients, who have reduced collagen producing properties, the effects of sculptra are reduced in terms of volume restored and duration or result.

4. Sculptra is not dissolveble unlike traditional Hyaluronic acid fillers. Hence for first timers who just want to augment a small area, I would recommend Hyaluronic acid fillers.

5. Compared to other dermal fillers like Ellanse, after Sculptra injection treatments, facial massage is NECESSARY AND A REQUIREMENT.

Sculptra vs Perlane | Restylane Lyft, which is better?

Price wise, Restylane Lyft starts from $799 in experienced hands.

Longevity is between 6 – 12 months.

Only a single session is needed, but depending on volume required, several syringes may be used.

Sculptra vs Juvederm Voluma, which is better?

Price wise, Juvederm voluma starts from $899 in experienced hands.

Longevity for midcheeks is touted to last up to 24 months.

Only a single session is needed, but depending on volume required, several syringes may be used.

Sculptra vs Ellanse, which is better?

This would be dependent on the clinician. In my clinical experience, I have had very nice results with sculptra. Several of my patients have fedback preferring the long term results of sculptra for skin volumizing, brightening and tightening.

What are the risks and side-effects of Sculptra?

In experienced hands, sculptra is safe and effective, as evidenced by

Common risks of Sculptra include transient tenderness, swelling and bruising at the injection sites. 

There is a risk of lumpiness under your skin so be sure to massage firmly and attentively the first 5 days to optimise collagen growth.

Are there any post-treatment instructions after Sculptra?

After Sculptra injections, you are advised not to have any alcohol or exercise for the first 3 days to reduce the chances of bruising and swelling. 

I encourage my patients to follow the magic rule of 5s for facial massaging. 5x a day, 5 min each day for 5 days.

Is sculptra suitable for everyone?

I would avoid sculptra in patients with thin skin.

And in patients with poor neocollagenesis properties.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are also contraindications.

1. Are dermal facial fillers safe and effective?

Dermal fillers have been FDA approved for the FACIAL Volume restoration for more than 20 years. Numerous level 1 evidence papers can be found, demonstrating its efficacy in the face. Worldwide, there have been more than 50 million dermal filler treatments performed. Hence it’s efficacy is without doubt. Regarding safety, it is safe in experienced hands. Do scroll down to the end of this page to learn about the risks.

2. Will I look worse than before once I stop facial fillers |botox | threadlift treatments? Will my face age faster, sag faster etc?

This is a myth. Your face will return to its original state. Fillers and botox will not accelerate ageing. Ageing is a dynamic process that remains unchanged.

3. Why are there so many different dermal fillers in the market? 

Sculpting your face with dermal fillers is a work of art. Just as Picasso uses different colour paint to work his magic, I use different types of fillers to bring out your features in different parts of your face.

Ultra light dermal fillers are excellent for hydration and achieving a dewy skin appearance – Examples include restylane vital light, redensity 1

Soft dermal fillers are excellent for undereye and lips. Examples include Restylane Kiss, Juvederm Volift.

Firm dermal fillers work best for chin and nose. Example would be Perlane, Ultradeep.

A mid density dermal filler would be perfect for the cheeks. – Example would be voluma, RD4.

4. Will I look better the more dermal fillers I put into my face?

Let me explain with a statistical model. Allow me to introduce to you the bell-shaped curve, something we came across as a student. I can hear the groans… You are not alone… Statistics was certainly not my favourite subject back in school either lol.

Dermal filler treatment curve

F: You start doing dermal fillers. You can some results.

D: You do more dermal fillers, You can see better results.

C: You combine fillers, with botox and threadlift. You get optimum results.

B: You do abit too much dermal fillers, and results dip.

A: You overload on dermal fillers and botox, and you get awful, unnatural results. 


You want to be at the peak of the curve, the C portion where your aesthetic treatments give you optimum results. If you over-do things, then yes, you end up with the media worthy Hollywood phenomenon. I call it the REVENGE OF THE PILLOW- FACE.

Facial fillers when overdone 

Chin: Witch-like chin look

Forehead: Luohan fish look

Nose: The infamous Avatar look

Cheeks: Chipmunk face | Pillow face

Pillow Face
Overdone Fillers – Revenge of the Pillow Face

So remember, it is important to know when to stop. Aesthetic treatments can be rather addictive.

One interesting fact:

  1. Traditionally, botox lasts 3 months.
  2. Fillers last 6- 12 months depending on the brand and model.
  3. Over the years, I have had patients telling me they only need to do botox every 6 months, and fillers every 18 months, all because they have been maintaining their treatments regularly.
  4. Of course for those who did sculptra, I see them nearly once in 3 years lol.

As mentioned in the earlier part of this article, dermal fillers need to be performed in experienced hands. Otherwise, accidents can and may happen.


Top Aesthetic Treatments

So I hope this has been helpful. Have a bold and beautiful July!! And to my fellow Cancerians, happy birthday in advance =)

– Dr Daniel Chang


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