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Beauty is around the eyes of the beholder.

And I really mean around.

Our eyes, are the symbol of youth, vitality and charm.


And just under the eye is this unique roll known as the charm-roll in Korea.


The charm roll is a sign of beauty.




Here is an example of the Korean charm-roll. Popularised by Korean stars, if you watch Korean dramas, you will notice that this is hugely prevalent. Notice how the charm-roll adds sweetness and charm to a smile.

So how can it be achieved?

– Through a bladeless, non surgical technique. One does not require surgery in Korea to have these lovely rolls.

– Just a tiny needle to inject Hyaluronic Acid fillers to create this lovely roll.

– Choosing a physician with an aesthetic eye is vital, as just the right amount of filler should be used to create a perfectly proportioned charm-roll.

Is it painful?

– Commonly, patients will describe just an ant bite sensation.

Is it dangerous since it is near the eye?

– It is important to find a good physician. Under a skilled physician, the risk is minimised.


Is it the same as creating an eyebag?


-Nope, absolutely not. This is a common myth.

– An eyebag is right below the charm-roll, and makes your eyes look tired, dull, and dark.

– A charm-roll on the otherhand, does not do the above. It helps you achieve…

  1. Bigger, brighter eyes
  2. Sweetness to your smile
  3. Cute, charming, youthful fullness

Is there any downtime?

A small risk of bruising, like in every injection that you have.

Would it make my eyes look puffy or create dark eye circles?

Puffiness and dark eye circles are multi-factorial.

Common reasons include

  1. Lifestyle (sleep debt, stress)
  2. Genetic ( hereditary or history of allergies)
  3. Ageing

For more information on this, do refer to my article on dark eye circles.

perbedaan aegyo sal eyebags

Am I suitable?

Generally, from an aesthetic point of view, patients with skin laxity or bulging eyebags will not be ideal candidates for the charm-roll procedure.


So I hope this has been informative. You now know the difference between a charm roll and a simple eyebag. So be bold and beautiful!

Dr Daniel Chang

Be Bold and Beautiful.

Making Raffles Place more beautiful, one face at a time.

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