How to fix eyebags in Singapore 2021 | Ask Dr Eyebag

What causes eyebags?

  1. Firstly, it is key to identify if its a true eyebag or false eyebag.
  2. False eyebag: It is due to a hypertrophied lower eyelid muscle and can be improved with toxin
  3. Real eyebag: How severe is the eyebag? How saggy is the eyelid skin? How sunken is the midcheeks?

What are non surgical options and who would be suitable?

Treatment of the eyebags is a complex topic, involving removal of your eyebag fat, tightening your membrane, as well as filling the valleys with dermal filler.

In my clinical experience, mild to early moderate eyebags are suitable for non surgical correction. Dermal filler to fill up the groove under the eyebag.

Energy based devices | RF and HIFU to tighten the eyelid skin. I use both machines and have found very nice results with a dedicated handpiece focusing on your eyelid skin. This is backed by scientific data in relation to the thickness of your eyelid skin.  

And in advanced cases, there is an RF microfilament dedicated to reducing the fat compartment in your eyebag, hence reducing the eyebag bulge by burning off your eyebag fat. This is a patented device, and spares the eyelid skin. It consists of a single acupunture type needle, that makes a tiny puncture through your eyelid skin into the orbital fat layer. RF (radiofrequency) energy is carefully calibrated and delivered, inducing fat apoptosis. This is an ultra delicate treatment and requires a dedicated and precise handpiece.

That said, your eyebags may recur and may manifest itself during certain periods of the month.

What is the cost of non surgical eyebag removal in Singapore?

  1. Dermal fillers start from $900 per syringe
  2. RF | HIFU treatment starts from $800 per session. 2-3 sessions may be necessary depending on skin laxity
  3. RF microneedle treatment starts from $2500 for 2 sessions.

How is Surgical eyebag removal done?

Step 1: 1cm incision in the inner part of the lower eyelid to access and remove the eyebag fat – a scarless procedure.

Step 2: Your eyelid membrane is tightened with sutures

Step 3: SOOF lift is performed. | In some cases, additional procedures, fat graft and skin removal is req.

What is the benefit of surgical eyebag removal?

Once eyebags are treated surgically in the hands of an experienced surgeon, they nearly almost never recur.

What is the cost of eyebag removal in Singapore?

Cost for surgical eyebag removal range from $3500 and up depending on experience of doctor, and the GST applies LOL.

I hope this has been helpful.

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