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So in August, I had travelled to London, Phnom Penh and Taipei. For a mix of pleasure, and connecting with people. Gotta thank my lucky stars for meeting a group of like minded people. It was absolutely lovely…

Speaking of which, I actually bought a suitcase load of Chun Cui milk tea frm Taipei the day b4 the news of the recall from AVA lol. So if anyone wants some freshly airflown Chun Cui milk tea, feelfree to pm me. Fastest fingers first, but purely at your own risk lol. =)

So today, I will discuss the key to achieving the hourglass figure.

Ultimate hourglass figure. 
Indication for weight management programme
•       WHO classification
•       BMI > 25
•       Note in Asians, we can start earlier. Pls consult your doctor on this.

First, one must understand our own body shape.

 Next, a good diet. So which diet is best?  — Studies have compared different diets, including:
  1. •       Very-low-carbohydrate (Atkins™)
  2. •       Reduced-calorie (Weight Watchers®)
  3. •       Mediterranean Diet ( Olive oil, little red meat)
  I think its impt to enjoy what u eat! We are so blessed to be in Singapore, a food paradise. 
Golden Principle is this.
Your energy Output > Energy Input

Here is my magic 3 step formula,

  1. •       Eat healthy. Eliminate snacking. Based on Dr Oz.
  2. •       Burn those excess calories with high intensity Crossfit
  3. •       Special. Treatments- Oral supplements. Phentamine. FAT REDUCTION
•         Wake up: Start day with warm water and 2 freshly squeeze lemon
Breakfast POWER smoothie: Banana. Low fat soya-milk.
Organic Green tea
Protein: One fistful serving of meat (chicken breast or fish) per day
Carbs: 1 slice of wholemeal bread, and 1/4 cup of cooked brown rice a day OR nil carbs
Fats: Good fats in moderation. Think nuts (e.g. olive oil and avocado)
Dairy: 1 cup of 2% plain Greek yogurt, SUGARFREE per day Vegetables: Unlimited low-glycemic vegetables
Snacks: Hummus, pickles, a couple handfuls of nuts
Veget is good. Keeps u full. Helps burn fat.  Mushrooms. Onions. Green leafy. Broccoli. Celery.
• Take probiotic/ multivits
• Take a detox bath every night (soak with 2 cups Epsom salt & 1 cup baking soda)
Here are the things to skip while on the plan:

• No wheat (except 1/2 cup brown rice)
• No artificial sweeteners (this includes all diet soda)
• No white sugar/ alcohol/caffeine (only green tea)
• No dairy (except Greek yogurt)
• No additional exercise
• No meals between 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.

2- BURN:


High intensity crossfit is what I recommend. And that means Tabata. Incidentally I do this daily.

•         20 seconds on- 10 seconds off- Repeat 8 cycles
•         Skipping 2) Pushups 3) Squats
•         Run-  Sprint. Jog x 8 cycles x 3 sets
•         Rowing machine. Same regimen.
Here is a video on fat freezing.


A. Medication:
•       Orlistat  — Orlistat (Xenical® 120 mg capsules) Fat blocker. FDA approved for long term use.
•       Phentamine – It works by stimulating the hypothalamus gland and affecting certain neurotransmitters to decrease appetite. FDA approved for short term use 3 mths. Note side effects. Xerostomia, rapid heartrate, insomnia.
 B. Fat freezing
To remove unwanted fat non surgically, zero downtime, through freezing. Common side effects include skin redness, bruising and muscle aches.

Here’s how it works.


 C.  Personally, I do not recommend liposuction.
 Indications for fat freezing.
  1. Abdomen
  2. Inner Thighs
  3. Double Chin
  4. Flanks
  5. Outer thighs

Ultimate, the bedrock of this programme is lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle and diet will be instrumental to helping you achieve your goals. So I hope the above has been useful. Here’s to a trimmer, fitter and healthier you! *High five*

Professional Statement
•          We know it’s always a challenge to find someone you can trust. We know and we CARE. We know no one is perfect and we too have our shortcomings. But, we are dedicated to doing our very BEST for you. We are here for you, and here to journey with you on your Aesthetic dream. TRANSFORM your solitary fantasies into a million realities. Fulfil the highest, truest, purest expression of yourself. Making ASIA, more beautiful, one face at a time.
•          Drdanielchang1107@gmail.com

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