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Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

– Marcus Aurelius

We have all come out of the lockdown with many positives =)

Personally, I have enjoyed…

  1. More family time
  2. More beautiful bonding time
  3. More time at home to finally stop and smell the roses

If we look at the people around us, post lockdown, many people have missed their regular skin treatments. This led to a boom in enquiries for appt. In line with safe distancing measures, appts have to be spaced out. On one hand, we want to service our patient’s beauty needs, on the other hand, we want to maintain safe distancing practices.

Many of us think of beauty in a certain way because we are exposed to such content by social media, the internet and even our family and friends. ‘ We must have korean dewy skin’ , ‘clean and clear skin’, ‘ glowing and radiant skin’

Beauty is subjective. It should not be based on what others say about you. Your self-esteem/self-respect/self-worth shouldn’t be determined by how other people view you on Instagram, how many likes you have on Facebook etc.

There is one person who knows you better than anyone else. You, and only you.

With growing concern for mental wellness, just how much emphasis do we place our self worth and self identity on physical appearance? And, why are people motivated to beautify themselves? With this question in mind, Dr Daniel Chang and a leading Health portal in Singapore undertook a project to investigate this phenomenon.

In 2020, a survey was carried out, collecting feedback from aesthetic patients. Patients undergoing medical aesthetic treatments were invited to fill up an online survey. 

What was the Purpose of our survey?  To understand what drives people to beautify themselves, and what aesthetic treatments Singaporeans are doing. (The why question)

How many people were surveyed: 260 / 500 surveyed, responded over a 6 month period, answering our 10 key qns. These people were  patients undergoing aesthetic treatments.  (The how question)

Trend: In line with the ageing population, growing affluence and increased awareness of projecting one’s best self forward ( be it at work, social media, etc), more and more people are turning to procedures to look and feel their very best. (The what question.)

What were our findings?
Our study reveal some interesting results.

One third of respondents are willing to spend over 3k annually on aesthetic treatments.

One patient in her 40s, an investment banker, Ms Y, mentions that she had acne since her teens, and this has progressed to her working life. She attributes it to her genes and stress at work. Given the nature of her job, she needs to look her very best. Hence she goes for regular laser and skin rejuvenation treatments.  

Majority of patients wanted

1. body fat reduction treatments

2. skin rejuvenation treatments

3. non surgical enhancements || esp since travelling to the mecca of beauty, south korea, for plastic surgery is delayed until further notice. =P

When asked which part of the body patients were most interested to improve?

With work from home, fat reduction, fat busting treatments are on the rise.

In my clinical experience, weight control and body shaping can be effectively managed with a fire and ice protocol.

  1. A fat freeze machine to reduce unwanted body fat
  2. An Electromagnetic treatment to sculpt your body
  3. A personalised fitness and diet programme

Skin rejuvenation also came out tops.

Majority of Singaporeans desire healthy skin. Kim MM, et al. Facial Plast Surg Clin North Am. 2007. Commented that Asians consider pigmentation as a top concern, far more than fine lines and wrinkles. 

With the Korean wave and the emphasis on Korean fair flawless skin, more and more patients are consulting to attain clean and clear skin. 

So how can WE maintain healthy skin like the Koreans?

Lifestyle measures, coupled with skin rejuvenation treatments are essential so that you keep your skin in dewy tiptop condition.

  1. Lifestyle: Drink more water and consume more fruits rich in vitamin C. Never forget to hydrate internally and not just externally with creams
  2. Skincare: Facemasks are good, but they are not moisturisers. Neither is aloe vera gel. You still need moisturisers.
  3. Treatment: Skin rejuvenation treatments are a helpful complement to the above. 

Skin rejuvenation can be divided into non invasive, minimally invasive and semi invasive.

Non invasive treatments include IPL, lasers for skin tone and texture, radio frequency devices for tightening, ultrasound machines for lifting. By far, non invasive treatments remain the most popular, for which lasers remain the gold standard.

Minimally invasive treatments include injections, namely radio frequency microneedling, botulinum toxin to relax wrinkles, dermal fillers for volume replacement, skinboosters for hydration, rejuran for skin repair etc. 

Semi invasive treatments include those that require the placement of material into the face to induce collagen remodelling. These can be completely absorbable vs those that are semi absorbable. Examples include threadlift and the use of non hyaluronic acid based fillers.

What is the best treatment for skin rejuvenation?

In my clinical experience, best treatment for skin rejuvenation is a combination of

  1. Nucleofill + rejuran + profhilo
  2. Laser + Sylfirm (RF microneedle)
  3. HIFU

What are the most popular non surgical enhancements?

  1. V face – Chin filler + botox jaw slimming
  2. Nose threadlift
  3. Liquid facelift – With sculptra, dermal fillers, botox and profhilo

What are other findings of our survey?

Our survey shows Singaporeans are more open to non invasive, Energy based Devices and have benefited from its effects on skin rejuvenation. For further details, please refer to our survey.


It is thus our hope that the sharing in this article will be helpful, journeying with you dear reader to continue to look and feel your very best. Together let’s make Singapore known for

  1. Ethical, safe and effective evidence based treatments.
  2. Helping people look and feel their very best.
  3. Making Asia more beautiful, one face at a time.

Tune in to our next episode where we discuss skin rejuvenation treatments in greater detail. Nucleofill vs profhilo vs rejuran || Cost, Pros cons and what to expect. =)

Dr Daniel Chang
Dr Daniel Chang

Photo by Pixa sdsad

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