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Acne scars used to be a big problem which many people faced, and many lived with. Now, with greater advances in aesthetic medicine, this is one problem you do not need to live with. In fact, you can easily fix it, and look and feel your very best!


Acne scars are the result of the breakdown of collagen and elastin in your dermis. They frequently occur at sites which were acne prone in the past, namely your temples, cheeks etc.

How was your doctor assess your acne scars?



Step 1: Assess if you have acne scars ( texture issue ) vs pure pigmentation

Step 2: Under angled lighting with photographs

Step 3: Animate and observe the acne scars for tethering and changes on movement


How is acne scarring treated?

ACNE SCAR TREATMENT 2018 | Dr Daniel Chang


Treatment: Some people may recommend a one size fits all approach. I believe in a Bespoke Treatment plan based on your skin type, scar type, and extent.

Here is an example.

Ice Pick Acne Scars : These are traditionally very tough to treat. Especially those over your nose. In my experience, careful use of Rejuran +/- TCA cross +/- Punch excision will help.

Box Acne Scar | Rolling Acne Scars: These type of scars respond very well to treatment. One can expect pretty nice results. In my experience a combination approach works best. Fractional Laser + Rejuran + RF Microneedling + Subcision + PRP

Key take home message

  1. Doctors cannot assess scars via photographs. Neither can it be done via telemedicine. Scar assessment has to be during a *live* face to face consult.
  2. Males tend to have worse acne scars.
  3. Treatment results appear as early as the month 4th


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