GOURI vs Profhilo vs sculptra. Which is better?

What is GOURI?

GOURI treatment
Gorgeous GOURI treatment

Collagen Enabled Solubilized Active and Biodegradable Polymer Technology.
It is DEXLEVO’s patent technology that enables regeneration of natural skin collagen and
rejuvenates your skin without the use of microparticles.

What is CESABP technology?

Collagen Enabled Solubilized Active and Biodegradable Polymer Technology. It is DEXLEVO’s patent technology that enables regeneration of natural skin collagen and rejuvenates your skin without the microparticles.

Gouri treatment Singapore
Gouri Eye Singapore

What is GOURI PCL?

GOURI is the 1st liquid type PCL (polycarprolactone) injectable. GOURI rejuvenates our skin by promoting collagenesis on the entire face. Spreading naturally on the entire face, GOURI generates collagen synthesis which has decreased due to the skin-aging.

What is the benefit of GOURI?

GOURI vs Profhilo vs Sculptra which is better?

  • What is the Spreadability of GOURI vs Profhilo vs Sculptra?
  1. GOURI naturally spreads and regenerates collagen on the entire face.
  2. Profhilo contains hyaluronic acid which spreads seamlessly and works beautifully on your midface and lower face for hydration and skin tightening.
  3. Sculptra works amazingly with post treatment massaging for optimum results.
  • What are the benefits of GOURI vs Profhilo vs Sculptra?
  1. Sculptra consists of PLLA, poly L lactic acid,  is perfect for facial volumization and collagen regeneration to tighten skin. Of the 3, it is the only product which can boost facial volumization, and because it is not an instant superficial volume increase, there is no need to dissolve it compared to regular fillers.
  2. Gouri has beautiful collagen regeneration properties, hence a beautiful anti ageing treatment. Of the 3, it is the only one indicated for upper face treatment.
  3. Profhilo consists of pure HA, hyaluronic acid and hence has the best properties when it comes to hydrolifting of your skin.

How comfortable is GOURI vs Profhilo vs Sculptra treatment?

  1. GOURI needs only 10 points inject for the entire face
  2. Profhilo also req only 10 injections points.
  3. Sculptra, depending on your area of concern and injector proficiency, requires 4 – 8 points.

What are the long term improvements of GOURI vs Profhilo vs Sculptra?

GOURI restores the collagen synthesis rate which has decreased due to skin-aging and rejuvenates the skin more younger and healthier.

Sculptra restores facial volume, and this lasts longer than typical HA fillers.

Profhilo is superior to uncrossed linked and cross linked skin boosters when it comes to skin hydration.

How long does it take to see first results of GOURI?

It depends on a patient’s condition. It takes time to induce neocollagenesis after injection. Normally you can see first visual results within 4 weeks.

What is GOURI made of?

21% of PCL / only PCL

Is GOURI safe?

DEXLEVO has successfully completed Phase-1 clinical trials and Phase-2 clinical trials which included over 200 people.

How many sessions of Gouri do I need?

3 sessions with 4-week interval. After 3rd session, additional 1 or 2 sessions can be done at 3-6 months interval to maintain the collagen growth.

Can GOURI be dissolved after injection if I do not like the results?

PCL cannot be dissolved after injection. GOURI doesn’t give you instant superficial changes. Which means that there is no need to dissolve it.

Can GOURI be combined with other product like Botox, Threads, HA fillers, cross linked and non cross linked?

Recommendation is for a 1-month interval before and after taking other treatment.

One of the strong features of GOURI is it’s compatibility with other products. In the same session, one can apply threads, non-crosslinked skin boosters or Botox together.

When it comes to HA fillers and other cross-linked materials, we recommend 1-month interval before and after the treatment.

GOURI and your skin
GOURI SKIN Treatment

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