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DARK Eye Circles | Ask Dr Daniel Chang


What causes our dark eye circles?

Dark eye circles can be caused by many factors. In my experience, most cases of dark eye circles is contributed by a COMBINATION of factors, and not one single factor.

  1. Lifestyle factors: Rubbing eyes, late nights, poor diet.
  2. Genetic and Allergies. More common in ethnic skin types and those with thinner skin and sunken orbits. | Then there is the atopic triad of asthma, allergies and eczema
  3. Age – as we age we loose collagen, HAs, fat and bone. Recession of the orbit occurs as we age, this is universally seen across all races.
Dark Eye Circles | Ask Dr Daniel Chang
Dark Eye Circles | Ask Dr Daniel Chang

What is the treatment for dark eye circles?

The principle is to target the cause. Many causes, in some patients two or more factors give rise to dark under eye circles.

Dr Daniel’s 3 step DIY TIPS

  • Hydration: Eye creams, face masks, even makeup lol.

The key is to use a Hyaluronic acid, creamide rich product to hydrate your undereye skin, particularly the epidermis and improve the appearance of your dark circles. But be warned. Eye creams are NEVER cheap lol.

  • Gravity: Sleep with 2 pillows. The elevation reduces fluid pooling.
  • Cooling: Cucumber slices, Green tea bags, Cooling packs. These aid in vasoconstriction and anti-inflammation.

Dr Daniel’s TOP TIPS:

  1. Serums: Contrary to what skincare gurus tell you, there simply is no MAGIC eye serum. Every skin is different. If you have sensitive skin, you should avoid using retinoids under your eye. So it is important to work with a physician who can teach you how to titrate your dose accordingly. I find that in Asians, creams containing Caffeine, Green Tea, Ascorbic Acid, Hydroquinone 2%, work well.

2. Antihistamines: If you have early morning stuffy nose, allergies etc, antihistamines will help. They work through stopping your itch scratch cycle, and with less rubbing, your undereyes will be a shade less deep.

  • Avoid allergens: Allergies cause redness or watery, itchy, puffy eyes. This is due to an immune reaction which your body produces against the foreign allergen. Medical dermatologist can conduct patch testing but in most cases, it is extremely hard to identify the allergen.

What are my treatment options for persistent dark under eye circles and eyebags?

If you have tried my DIY tips and Top Tips, then here are the treatment options I would suggest

1. Dermal fillers. In this area I use a soft and light filler to blend in the grooves. Think of this as a hill and valley approach. Fill the valley and it harmonises your under eye rings.

2. Lasers: These work to reduce pigmentation and build collagen, hence tightening skin tone.

6. Energy based devices: In certain cases, RF microneedling can improve skin tone, reduce your eyebags and decrease skin laxity. In my experience, most patients benefit from 3-5 sessions, with visible results after a single session. The downtime is minimal depending on the thickness of skin, amount of excess skin and fat deposit.

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