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What is HIFU? How effective is it? How do you choose the best one for yourself?

How much does HIFU cost in Singapore?

Prices start from $800 in Singapore.

Is HIFU worth the money?

Depends on your expectation and pre-existing skin condition. By and large, it is effective.

What is the downside of HIFU?

It can cause temporary rednesss and swelling.

Does HIFU really tighten skin?

It has a proven track record. So the answer is yes.

What happens to our face when we age?

As we age, skin loses elasticity and tension. On the cellular level, we see a loss of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Soft tissue descends due to a combination of ligament laxity and gravity.

All these contribute to sagginess in our face, as seen in our laugh lines, jawlines and eyelids.

Liftera singapore

What is the difference between Korean HIFU vs Ulthera vs Thermage?

This refers to high intensity focused ultrasound. It is a cutting edge KFDA approved device for non surgical facelifting, perfected in the land of Cosmetic Surgery, South Korea. Newer generations are faster, less painful and more effective. For ease of discussion, I shall refer Korean-HIFU as H.

There are many brands of H devices.  Liftera is a Korea FDA, Europe CE and HSA Singapore approved ultrasound skin tightening treatment for face and skin lifting. 

In my clinical practice, I find that of the H from Korea, top 2 by a mile are Ultraformer 3 and Liftera.

When choosing a H, some factors are important. Ultraformer 3 with its 4 precision depths, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4.5mm and its 2 handpieces. Its immediate result post treatment is noticeble, and majority of my patients are very satisfied with it. Pain is subjective and varies.

Similar to Ultherapy, H is a non-invasive treatment. Ultraformer uses micro and macro-focused ultrasound energy waves to stimulate collagen production.

Ulthera is FDA approved for non surgical facelifting. It is a time test device from the US but can be rather painful and costly.

Thermage is FDA approved for skin tightening. Also from the US, its principle is radiofrequency. This too can be painful and costly.

What are patient reviews for HIFU vs Ulthera Vs Thermage?

On realself reviews, for Ulthera patient worth it ratings is 79%. Thermage, patient worth it ratings stand at 69%. Personally, I perform alot of Korean H. In my clinical experience, patient satisfaction rate for the Korean H is 85%. The key is patient selection. Patients with fair and realistic expectations tend to find the treatment worth it.

What is the cost of Korean HIFU vs Ulthera vs Thermage in Singapore?

In experienced hands, for a full face treatment, depending on the number of shots as it is shot count dependent, prices start from

HIFU – $1988

Ulthera – $2899

Thermage – $2699


  1. Threadlift works faster but may have temporary downtime. It is suitable for people who are open to injections. And for those who want a non surgical face-lift.
  2. Ultherapy, H and Thermage have zero downtime, are injection-free, but peak results occur in 3 months. |
  3. In some patients, I use an individualised programme combining H with Thermage for enhanced results.
  4. Certain patients lack facial volume. In this case, using a collagen stimulator, for example, Sculptra is essential to augment the collagen boosting results.
  5. In my clinical opinion, in certain faces, it is best to combine all modalities to achieve peak state.
HIFU Singapore
Korean HIFU Singapore

Korean HIFU Singapore

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How to choose a korean HIFU?

What is the difference between Liftera, Doublo Gold and Ultraformer 3?

In my clinical experience, the newer generation Korean HIFUs are all equally effective. So key is really the cost.

Dr Daniel Chang

So it all boils down to

  1. cost
  2. pain factor
  3. quick treatment and longevity of results

So in my humble opinion, a value for money treatment, with minimal pain and quick lasting effects would be the best choice.

What is the difference between HIFU and fillers, threadlift?

The key is more pain, more lasting results. The downside is the needle work. So for starters who wish a non surgical facelift, H is a good introductory treatment, before progressing to Dermal fillers and Threadlift.


3D H is a cutting edge ultrasound technology designed for specific lifting and tightening of saggy skin.


A gel is applied on your face and neck, and a ultrasound probe delivers the energy directly over your face to the desired layer. You will feel a tingling sensation intermittently and experience muscle aching during treatment.


Non surgical. Minimal soreness. Needleless, Quick and easy, Lasting results.


This is essentially a treatment with zero to minimal downtime. In some cases, you may see some redness that disappears over hours. In rare cases, wheals and scabs may form but this is also transient. In such instances, it may take 2-3 weeks for your skin to heal. Key is moisturise more and stay away from the sun.

HIFU treatment Singapore

HOW does H WORK?

HIFU – high intensity focused ultrasound delivered onto the SMAS layer to lift, firm and tighten. Collagen stimulation and growth over the next 3 months for increased efficacy.


3 sessions a year for optimum results.


During treatment, some patients do feel the discomfort, some patients describe a ‘sharp’ sensation, as if little hot toothpicks are pricking them. Your physician will customise a programme to reduce this pain sensation.


  1. Softening of the jawline, nasolabial fold, double chin.
  2. Lifting of midface and eyebrow.
  3. Tightening and firming of face.


Understand YOUR skin health and COMMIT to a consistent skincare regime in order to enhance and maintain results.

The procedure delivers focused ultrasound energy at precise depths and temperature to initiate neocollagenesis, without disrupting the surface of the skin. This energy jump-starts the new collagen building process. (4.5mm to the SMAS/platysma, 3mm to the deep dermis and 1.5mm to the superficial dermis)

In some cases, we can combine HIFU with Sculptra | Dermal fillers and Threadlift and you get even better results. Results are significantly better when your skin has a lot of healthy collagen and elastin.

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Dr Daniel Chang


  1. Some patients report experiencing pain during treatment; others describe a “sharp” sensation, as if they are being pricked by tiny, heated toothpicks. Thank you!

  2. Essentially, there will be no or very little downtime with this procedure. You can occasionally notice some redness that goes away over the course of hours. Wheals and scabs can occasionally form, although they are only temporary. Thank you!

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