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How much do fillers cost in Singapore?

How much does it cost to have dermal fillers?

How much is a dermal filler syringe?

What is dermal filler singapore price?

How much is fillers for face?

What is the cheapest filler in singapore?

Dermal fillers in Singapore carries a price range, depending on the brand, type of filler and the skill of your clinician. Prices vary from $500 to $1000 per syringe. It is not true that the heartland clinics sell fillers at a better price. It is also not true that clinics in the city overprice their fillers. If it is something that you inject into your face, I think it is something worth doing safely. So it may not always be advisable to go for the cheapest filler in Singapore.

Who is the best filler doctor in singapore?

What are the side effects of fillers?

The best doctor for fillers is the one who understands your concerns and expectations well. He or she is also someone you are most comfortable with. So it should never be about pricing because its your face, and you are always worth it.

Side effects of fillers range from mild temporary swelling, bruising, to the severe cases, vascular compromise leading to skin ulceration, vision deficit etc.

What is the purpose of dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers, also known as injectable implants, soft tissue fillers, lip and facial fillers, or wrinkle fillers are medical device implants approved by the FDA for use in restoring facial volume, smoothening wrinkles, hydrating and improving your skin quality.

Is it worth getting dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers has a real self rating of > 90%, meaning more than 90% of consumers are happy with it. Dermal fillers have the benefit of being reversible, and hences to slow down ageing. It is a skin rejuvenation treatment via a pin prick.

What happens when you stop using fillers?

A lot of people worry once they start dermal fillers, they cannot stop. Do not worry. Stopping the treatment will not make your wrinkles worse.

Do fillers age you faster?

Fillers are an excellent option for patients seeking a natural way to slow down ageing. The right amount of fillers in the right places does wonders to your face, without altering the way you look. It just brings you to your younger self.

Upper face filler treatment

Undereye | Dark eye circle treatment

How severe is my undereye hollowing?

How severe is my dark eye circle?

Do fillers help under eye circles?

How much is undereye filler in Singapore?

How much do fillers around the eyes cost?

How long do fillers under eyes last?

What is the best filler for under eyes?

The diagrams above are clinically validated photonumeric Assessment Scales used by Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists globally to denote your undereye severity. For ease of assessment, we can classify as mild, moderate and severe. Fillers do help under eye rings and in majority of cases, can improve by 50-90%. We avoid fillers for patients with severely thin skin, purely dark rings and enlarged eyebags, as the results will not be satisfactory. Fillers around the eyes start from $900 per syringe for dermal filling, and depending whether a series of skin tightening treatments are required, namely Gouri, Rejuran i, RD1 etc. Dermal fillers under your eyes last an average 6-12 months. The best fillers for undereyes, in my clinical experience is RD2.

Temples Fillers

temple fillers
Temple hollowing

Is it safe to inject filler in temples?

How much are fillers in the temple?

How do you fix a sunken temple?

Is temporal filler safe?

Injection of dermal fillers is safe and effective in experienced hands. That said, in all injections there is always a risk of vascular compromise / occlusion. Dermal fillers for temples start from $800 per syringe and in most cases, a minimum of 2 syringes is needed for a satisfactory result. Fixing of a sunken temple may involve 1-3 injection points, depending on the area of volume loss. In my clinical experience, I find that a lot of endurance athletes and yoga practitioners have temporal wasting once they hit their 40s.


flat forehead
Forehead fillers

How long do fillers last in forehead?

Is filler better than Botox for forehead?

How much are fillers for forehead?

What is the best forehead filler?

Fillers in forehead last on average 12 months, depending on the amount of filler, type of filler and depth of filler placement. In my clinical experience, some people benefit from botox forehead, while some benefit from BOTH botox and forehead fillers. It is not useful to do forehead fillers without botox as the muscle movement in your forehead may lead to filler migration and degradation. Fillers in forehead starts from $900 a syringe and typically, a minimum of 2 fillers is required. The best forehead fillers are those that are safe and effective. That said, in my clinical experience, and from global studies, pure hyaluronic acid fillers remain the most popular, and most widely researched, studied and tested.

MIDFACE | Cheek | Laugh lines

laugh line severity
How severe are my laugh lines
flat cheeks | sunken cheeks
Midface fillers

How long do fillers last in laugh lines?

How much does it cost to get laugh lines filled?

What is the best filler for smile lines?

What happens after fillers in laugh lines?

Depending on the type of filler used and skill of clinician, laugh line fillers last on average 6 months up. Generally, a minimum of 2 syringes is needed, costing $800 per syringe. The best filler for smile lines is one which blends dynamically with your facial movements, neither too hard nor too soft. After fillers, temporary swelling plus minus bruising may occur, so it is best to have your treatment at least a week before an important event.

How much is nose fillers in Singapore?

Prices start from $800 per syringe, but it is not without risks. There have been cases locally and abroad for blindness associated with nose fillers. Another prominent side effect is filler migration, which tends to broaden your nose tip. Hence, for medical and cosmetic reasons, I would strongly recommend nose threadlift, should you wish to improve the profile of your nose, meaning your nose bridge and nose tip. Nose threadlift carries much less risks.

How much is nose threadlift in Singapore?

Prices start from $900, and it helps to sharpen your nose tip, body and bridge naturally.

Lower face | Chin. Jawline. Lips. Puppet lines

Lip fillers singapore
Lip fillers singapore

How long do fillers in chin last?

Are chin fillers worth it?

What’s the best filler for chin?

Can you fix chin with filler?

Depending on the filler used and clinician technique, dermal fillers in chin last an average 9-15 months. Chin fillers are absolutely worth it, as most asians have a small chin, retruded chin. The results are almost instant and it helps add dimension to your face and jawline. The best filler for chin, in my clinical experience, are pure hyaluronic acid fillers, for both its safety and efficacy profile. We can fix chin with dermal fillers, its really a question of using the right amount of fillers in the right places.

Does jaw filler get rid of double chin?

How much filler is needed for jawline? Is 1mL of filler enough?

Do fillers work for jawline? How do you inject a jawline filler?

How long do jawline fillers last?

Does jawline filler help jowls?

Jaw fillers can help with your double chin, your jowls, by adding more structure and volume to your face. Double chin tends to occur in people with less bony support, small faces, small jawline, small chin etc. In general 3 syringes are the minimum for a satisfactory jawline result. Dermal fillers, when used in the right amount and in the right places, work magically for your jawline. They last on average 9- 15 months, depending on the skill of clinician and amount of filler used.

How long do lips fillers last?

Do lip fillers damage your lips?

How much is a lip filler?

Lip fillers last on average 12-18 months. They add hyaluronic acid to your lips, hence hydrating and plumping your lips. Lip fillers start from $900 SGD.

What’s the best filler for marionette lines?

How long does filler last in marionette lines?

Are fillers good for marionette lines?

The best filler for puppet lines, marionette lines is a dynamic, pure hyaluronic acid based filler. Puppet line fillers, marionette line fillers last on average 9-15 months. They are good treatment, and help to soften these cruel lines of ageing.


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