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thread lift is a nonsurgical procedure that lifts sagging, aging skin and stimulates collagen production in your face, neck etc.

How much is thread lift in Singapore?

How long does thread lift last?

Typically, this depends on number of threads used and degree of skin laxity. Results can last 6 – 24 months.

Is thread lift worth the money?

In my clinical experience, combination treatment of liquid facelift (collagen stimulators, fillers, toxin) and threadlift gives the best results and value for money.

What is the ideal age for thread lift?

For nose thread lift, 21 and above.

For face thread lift, generally late 30s and up.

Can a thread lift go wrong?

Like all medical procedures, complications can happen. However, with the right doctor, patient selection, pre-care and post-care, the risks can be reduced.

What is a liquid facelift?

A liquid facelift involves injecting

  • Dermal fillers into the skin to plump up the skin.
  • Collagen stimulators to induce collagenesis | SCULPTRA. ATHEFILL. RADIESSE. GOURI. PROFHILO.
  • MicroBotox to reduce wrinkles.

It differs from a surgical facelift in that it doesn’t involve cutting into the skin. The goal of a liquid facelift is to reduce sagging and wrinkles. It can also: plump up lips, cheeks, chin, nose, temples, forehead etc.

How long does Liquid facelift last?

Typically 9 to 18 mth.

I believe in non surgical facial contouring. This involves a careful combination of collagen stimulators, dermal fillers, toxin and HIFU. In expert hands, the results are very natural, beautiful and lasting.

As many have enquired about threadlift, this article will also share my insights on this treatment. Do note this is PURELY EDUCATIONAL IN NATURE. This should by no means replace a medical consultation and assessment. For those who seek a surgical facelift, please consult your plastic surgeon.

Is a liquid facelift painful?

The liquid facelift is typically done under local anesthesia or nerve blocks, so extreme pain is unlikely. Patients should expect mild pain and some swelling and redness after the procedure.

Which is better face lift or fillers?

Dermal fillers are most commonly used in the lips, cheeks, temples, and forehead. Generally speaking, a facelift is recommended when patients are experiencing more advanced signs of aging, whereas dermal fillers might be more suitable in treating the early stages of facial aging

THREADLIFT Cost Singapore | Silhouette Soft vs PDO Threads. which is BETTER?

 Threadlift review | Thread lift cost in SINGAPORE 

What are patient PDO thread lift reviews 2022?

On independent patient review websites, the satisfaction rate varies from 60 – 90 percent. On, the satisfaction rate is at 79%.

Having performed hundreds of PDO thread lift treatments, the key is patient selection. In the right patient selection, threadlift has an 80 % satisfaction rate for face-lift, and more than 90 percent satisfaction rate for noselift. Many can feel and see the difference in their skin firmness, tightness and lifting.

What is Korean PDO Thread lift cost in Singapore 2020?

Prices vary across the board, depending on experience of your surgeon and whether the treatment is performed via a machine or manually.

In experienced hands,

Prices start from $1888 for face threadlift.

Prices start from $800 for nose threadlift.

Threadlift is fast gaining popularity as a lunchtime quick fix, without the downtime of a surgical facelift. It helps doctors create a tighter face and sharper V shape contour in our patients.

Silhouette Soft threads are the rage in Europe and US. They are made of PLLA material.

PDO threads are the rage in Asia, originating from Korea.

Both have their pros and cons.

If you are wondering about these 2 options, here’s some information for you to digest.


Via an immediate lifting and progressive tightening.

  1. Support: An immediate lift through repositioning and anchoring soft tissue
  2. Biostimulation: Regenerative action with collagen stimulation for progressive volumisation and natural firming and tightening over 3 to 6 months.


They are made of 100% absorbable and bio-compatible material, similar to those used in surgery. 2 common materials exist.

  1. PDO Thread lift: Polydioxanone material is commonly used as a surgical suture, and tends to last on average 6 months. These are the basic Korean threads, though differ brands differ in terms of design (monos, barbs, cogs, multi etc).
  2. Silhouette Soft PLLA : Poly-L-Lactic Acid material are also used as surgical sutures, and have greater longevity than PDO, averaging 12 months. Hence they can potentially stimulate collagen for a longer duration. Once dissolved, the material breaks down into glucose, carbon dioxide and water.

Whats the key difference between PDO THREAD LIFT VS SILHOUETTE SOFT THREAD LIFT?

In my personal opinion, here are 3 key points.

  1. PDO Thread lifts are superior for soft tissue Lifting. The instant and immediate lift is often tighter.
  2. PDO Thread lifts are superior for Nose Lifting. Koreans are the inventors of the HIKO Nose lift, which uses PDO threads.
  3. Silhouette Soft thread lifts are superior for volumization. The cones compress soft tissue together nicely.

埋线/ Threadlift / V-lift / 瓜子脸



埋线/Ultra-V-Lift – PDO Threadlift full-face


  1. No surgery.
  2. No cutting.
  3. No stitching.

There is no cutting of skin, stitching of skin layers. Based on individualised facial vectoring, absorbable ultra-fine threads are placed under the skin with minimal downtime which are explained below.


Patients with mild to mild-moderate saggy skin with reasonable expectations.



PDO threadlift vs silhouette soft


how PDO threadlift work



how PDO threadlift work


3D Ultra V Lift – PDO Threadlift

How long do thread lift results last?

Ageing cannot be reversed, so no lifting technique can produce permanent results. A facelift surgery will usually produce longer lasting results than a thread lift. The results of facelift surgery can last 5 to 10 years, whereas a non surgical thread lift will generally last from one to three years. However, a facelift surgery may take up to 3 – 6 months for full recovery, vs a threadlift that generally takes 1 week to 1 month for full recovery.

Which is better HIFU or thread lift?

If you want immediate results, and can stomach temporary bruising, swelling and pain, threadlifting is a better choice over HIFU.

The reason why HIFU takes a longer time to see results is because it penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate natural production of collagen GRADUALLY. In some faces, HIFU effects can be more lasting, though the best treatment is a combination of both.

What to expect with Korean PDO, PLLA, PCL threadlift? | 线雕


Immediate: Your skin is immediately lifted as the threads lift soft tissue to its new position. You may look and feel slightly tighter than the final result.

1 week later: You will start to look and feel more natural.

3 months: Skin rejuvenation peaks. You will notice improved skin texture, smoother and firmer skin.

6 months: PDO threads would have dissolved, but the results still persists for many more months.

Recommendation : I recommend LIGHT touchups 6 months after the initial treatment, to allow for a long lasting result of up to 2 years.

How do I know if my threads have broken?

This can sometimes happen due to patient factors, thread factors etc. Please see your doctor as soon as possible. This is not a medical emergency, and can be corrected with a few measures.

  1. Visible threads: A visible or palpable thread is an indication that threads have broken. | Solution: Do not scratch the thread. HIFU treatment can be done to speed up absorption.
  2. Longevity of result: PDO Threadlifts should last for minimally six months.
  3. Extrusion: Noticeable but painless extruded threads peeking from within your skin. | SOLUTION: This can be fixed by trimming the thread.

What is the benefit of Korean threadlifts compared to surgical facelift?


  1. Faster recovery, no need for GA. Can resume normal activities within the 1st week
  2. Temporary tenderness, swelling and bruising if any
  3. Results last at least 6 months

What is the downtime for Korean thread lift and are there any side effects?

1st week: The face may feel tight and tender for a couple of days before the PDO threads sink into place. This is most marked in the first week.

2nd week: Temporary bruising, swelling would start to recover.

Selection criteria: Note that PDO threadlifts may not be suitable for all. Patients with moderate age-related facial sagging and the right skin condition may benefit more than patients with serious sagging skin who may require surgical attention.

Nose threadlift singapore
Threadlift facelift
Face Threadlift Singapore
Korean THREADLIFT Singapore
Necklift threadlift
Necklift threadlift Singapore

What are the risks with PDO, PLLA Threadlifts? 

Depending on your skin quality and thickness, there may be temporary swelling, bruise and skin changes (puckering, visibility, bump). All these resolve with time.

RISKS from Thread Lift
Minor Moderate Rare
Temporary soreness, especially when opening mouth wide Prolonged skin dimpling Infection
Temporary swelling Skin irregularities Nodule formation
Temporary bruising Thread displacement Nerve injury
Temporary skin dimpling Prolonged aching Salivary gland injury

Bruising post PDO  Threadlift


PDO Threadlift – Example of skin dimple (Case study from American Society of Plastic Surgery)


Here are the facts.

  1. PCL (Polycaprolactone) thread tends to dissolve after 24 months
  2. PLLA (Poly L Lactic Acid) thread tends to dissolve after 12 months
  3. PDO (Polydioxanone) thread tends to dissolve after 6 months

In theory, longevity sounds like a good thing, but this has a minus on the safety and efficacy profile.

Side effects tend to persist longer with PCL and PLLA threads, examples include skin irregularities like dimples, bumps. In addition, studies on efficacy are still limited. Claims of results lasting more than 2- 3 years are unsubstantiated.

Hence, in my opinion, it is best to stick with PDO threads until stronger studies are available.

For optimum and more lasting results, combine PDO Thread lift with Fillers, Botulinum Toxin and Energy based devices.

I hope this helps. Have a smashing week ahead!

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