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Learn more about Sunekos, Profhilo and Redensity 2 to treat eye bags and dark eye circles.

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S-kos vs Profhilo vs RD2. Which is better?

So you have noticed dark eye circles when you look into the mirror.

You find your eyebags bigger, probably from a combination of poor sleep, stress and ageing.

You also notice your laugh lines deepening, and your jawline saggier, with jowling more obvious.

It gets disturbing at times, and the more you look at it, the more you want to address it, non surgically of course.

In the past, you covered your face with designer masks, cloth, cotton silk, you had a whole collection. But now, with restrictions lifting, you can finally let your best face shine forth. So then, what can you do about these annoying signs of ageing?

What are your treatment options?

First up, let us discuss some key questions.

Is S-kos safe?

It has undergone extensive testing to ensure the safety of the product- CE marked. Hyaluronic acid and amino acids, naturally occur in our body so work well with your own skin.

So the answer is yes, when administered by a trained professional with a license to practice.

How does S-kos work?

  1. ECM extra cellular matrix Bioregeneration
  2. Fibroblast stimulation
  3. Collagen and Elastin production

What are the benefits and results of SuneKos?

It has scientifically benefits: Improved firmness and elasticity. Brighter skin. Improvement in fine lines and wrinkles.

Areas that can be treated

  1. Around the eyes for thin crepey skin, dark circles, wrinkles.
  2. Face/cheeks, especially smile lines in the lower cheeks.
  3. Forehead.
  4. Neck and decolletage.
  5. Hands.

When will I see the results of Sunekos?

You’ll start to see results as soon as 14 days after treatment, which will improve over time. These results usually last for around six months, though a wide variety of factors can have an impact on this, including lifestyle, sun exposure and the unique properties of your skin.

What’s the difference between Sunekos 200 and 1200?

S 200 contains a low molecular weight HA and S 1200 is a medium molecular weight HA. The former can be used alone to treat the face, neck, décolletage and hands and is great for younger people.

S 200 is ideal for dark eye circles and eyebags.

S 1200 is ideal for skin hydrolifting, especially in matured, crepy saggy skin.

How much does SuneKos cost?

Prices start From SGD 700 per session, the standard protocol consists of 3 sessions for your eyes, and 3-4 sessions for your face.


Let us now discuss Undereye, Dark eye circles and eyebag treatment.

What is Sunekos eye treatment?

It is an injectable skin treatment with a special combination of Hyaluronic Acid and amino acids. … It can even help reduce dark circles under the eye by thickening the skin, and elastin stimulation can help reduce eye bags and hollow eyes.

Is SuneKos better than filler, for example RD2 redensity 2?

Although it contains hyaluronic acid, which is present in most modern, temporary dermal fillers, it differs in that it does not physically plump the skin, but creates a more natural result by communicating with the skin on an intercellular level so that it can heal and mend itself.

What is the difference between SuneKos and RD2 redensity 2?

Longevity | Both last on average 6 months.

Treatments | S for eyes req 3 sessions. RD2 requires typically 1-2 sessions.

Result | 

  1. In terms of Skin quality improvement. This is due to its mechanism of action. S produces more natural skin quality repair and healing results, boosting collagen and elastin in your skin, aiding softening of eyebags and reducing dark eye circles. RD2 can improve dark eye circles but not eyebags as it fills up the volume deficit.
  2. In terms of how fast results are achieved, RD2 would be superior, giving faster results as it’s a direct filling effect vs skin quality boosting which takes time

Cost |

RD2 starts from 900 SGD per syringe.

S starts from 700 SGD per syringe.



How many treatments do you need?

Majority of patients will require 3-4 sessions q 2-4 weeks apart, and it is suggested you repeat a course every 6 months.

Eye area – 3 sessions

Saggy face – 4-5 sessions depending on individual needs and expectations

Is SuneKos better than Profhilo?

Longevity | Both last on average 6 months.

Treatments | S for face req 4 sessions. Profhilo typically 2-3 sessions.

Result | S has more ingredients, and contains patented amino acids. Profhilo has superior Hyaluronic acids.

For matured skin, Profhilo produces a good result in 2 sessions.

For more challenging, saggy and crepy skin, I find Sunekos superior. This is likely due to its unique combination of amino acids.

Cost |

Profhilo is 1k SGD per session.

S starts from $700 per session.

How long does Sunekos for face last?

Depending on the level of treatment you require, your skin type and your lifestyle, results from S treatment typically lasts for approximately six months. Some maintenance is usually recommended every 6 months following treatment to sustain your desired outcomes.

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