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In the spirit of Covid-19, be careful when you follow the masses. Sometimes the M is missing. #safedistancing

Troubled by tired eyes? Hope everyone is slowly getting back into the groove of things and practising safe distancing. So remember, take good care of yourself! So today, we will explore the topic of tired eyes. I know that many of us are back to work, back to school, so waking up early and feeling tired is a common complaint. *yawns*

How to improve tired eyes?

Tired eyes are multifactorial. They can be a result of 3 key factors

  1. Colour – This can be constitutional, environmental ( from allergies, nasal congestion ) and physiological – (sleep debt).
  2. Volume loss – from ageing, as we lose subcutaneous tissue in our cheeks, leading to sunken appearance. This is commonly manifested in our undereyes.
  3. Skin laxity – resulting in fine lines and wrinkles around your eye. Most notably the corners, known as crowsfeet.

Whats a useful treatment guide to have?

I like to have a systematic approach, so easier for my simple mind to remember lol. Mine is based on timeline.

Daily – Gentle cleaning: This means no vigorous rubbing of your face, no harsh scrubbers. Ideally is a no touch technique, dabbing and sprinkling. Use sunscreen 2-3x a day for UV protection to slowdown ageing. Retin A is a very effective product for daily use. If you havent started, pls consult your dermatologist on how best to start.

Weekly: Anti ageing serum: I find that those rich in collagen + ceramide are helpful as a skin barrier and moisture absorber. Home based peels are also very effective. For a list of home peels…

Monthly– Treatment – Medical grade peels + Laser + Rejuran + SB

Half yearly – HIFU with focus on undereye treatment. This works through generation of type 1 and type 3 collagen. The more collagen your skin has, the tighter and firmer is will be. Hands up if you want to have baby smooth skin! In my experience, I find that a combination of Picosecond lasers and HIFU in the same sitting gives very nice and pleasing results 3 months down. It is effective for skin tightening, lightening and brightening. For more information on HIFU, you may refer here.

AHA medical grade peels: This is a quick and fuss free procedure. In my mind, the best part is, it is safe in pregnancy, safe in lactation. Peels have been used since the good old Egyptian times when mummies ruled the world. Ok, maybe not ruled the world but you get the drift =P My patients have found that the combination of laser + peel gives them very clear and brilliant skin.

Lasers: In this case, lasers like Nanosecond and Picosecond lasers are helpful. Clinically, I find that the careful combination of Nanosecond and Picosecond lasers will benefit many types of skin conditions. For more information on nanosecond and picosecond lasers, pls read here.

Rejuran: Rejuran is a cutting edge treatment from Korea, that utilises Salmon DNA for skin repair and rejuvenation. I have been using Rejuran for several years and I find that Rejuran combined with lasers gives very beautiful skin repair results. For more information on Rejuran and skinboosters, pls read here.

Yearly: Undereye fillers | Exosome Eye treatment | Hybrid fillers – Juvelook etc

In my clinical experience:

yearly use of undereye fillers can help reduce volume loss and improve the undereye signs of ageing. This has to be done by an experienced clinician as the risk of bruising, swelling, skin ulceration and blindness have been reported worldwide. For more information about undereye fillers, pls click here.

Prevention is better than cure. Early treatment beats delayed. And in life, be careful when you follow the masses. Sometimes the M is missing.

– Dr Daniel Chang

So I hope this has been helpful. Pls take good care of yourselves. Have a blessed bold and beautiful weekend!

  • Dr Daniel Chang


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