Nose Filler or Nose Thread Lift Singapore Review | Guide 2024

Nose filler or nose thread lift… Learn all about it. And how to choose the treatment that suits you best.

How much does nose filler cost in Singapore? How much did your nose filler cost?

Prices start from $800 for one syringe of nose filler.

How much is Hiko nose lift in Singapore? How much is a nose threadlift in SG?

Prices start from $800 for a nose lift.

Is nose filler a good idea?

Nose Fillers:

  • Material Used: Hyaluronic acid fillers.
  • Mechanism: Injected to add volume and reshape the nose.

How long do fillers last in nose?

  • Duration: Results are temporary, as fillers are naturally broken down by the body over time. Generally 6 months to a year.
  • Procedure Focus: Volume addition to selected areas for reshaping.

What are the disadvantages of nose threading? What is the disadvantage of nose thread lift?

  1. Nose threads can cause fibrosis, or scarring in nasal tissue. This is not seen in nose fillers.
  2. In cases of unmet expectation, nose threads cannot be removed. But nose fillers can be dissolved immediately.
  3. If nose volume loss is very specific and huge, example in a dorsal hump or a flat nose bridge, the correction with nose threads would not be as significant as with nose fillers.
  4. Nose Threads:
  • Material Used: PDO (polydixanone) threads.
  • Mechanism: Threads provide a scaffold for lifting and reshaping the nose; they dissolve naturally, stimulating collagen production.

How long does a nose thread lift last? How long does a Hiko nose lift last?

  • Duration: Results are longer-term as the threads dissolve gradually and promote collagen production. Generally 9 months to a year.
  • Procedure Focus: Creating a structural effect for nose contour improvement.

What are the advantages of nose fillers? Is Hiko nose lift advisable? Is a nose thread lift worth it?

Common Nose Augmentation Reasons and Procedures:

  1. Low Nose Bridge:
    • Issue: Common in Asians, lack of projection causing a flat appearance.
    • Treatment: Nose threads provide a scaffold for a lifted and projected nose bridge.
  2. Dorsal Hump:
    • Issue: Convex bumps on the nose bridge disrupting the side profile.
    • Treatment: Nose threads used to smooth out humps, creating a projected and smooth nose bridge.
  3. Bulbous Nose Tip:
    • Issue: Wide and prominent nose tip.
    • Treatment: Nose threads lift the nose, making it look sharper and smaller by reducing tip width.
  4. Crooked Nose:
    • Issue: Affects facial harmony and attractiveness.
    • Treatment: Nose threads used to reduce crooked noses, enhancing facial symmetry.

Is filler or thread lift better for nose? Is nose filler a good idea?

Which is better nose filler or nose thread lift? Which is safer HIKO or filler? Which is better nose filler or HIKO?


  • No “Better” Treatment: The choice between fillers and threads depends on the patient’s current and desired nose shape.
  • Popularity: Nose threads are gaining popularity due to perceived advantages in safety, treatment outcomes, and longevity.
  • Price Comparison: Nose threads may have a comparable or slightly higher cost, but the number of threads needed is generally lower than the units of fillers required.

Patients should consult with a qualified and experienced medical professional to determine the most suitable treatment based on their individual needs and desired outcomes.

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