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Dr Daniel Chang | Asia Aesthetic Clinic
Dr Daniel Chang

When you do a search for Best Aesthetic Doctor in Singapore, what do you find? When you search for the Best Aesthetic Doctor in XXX treatment, what do you get? When you search for the best Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore, what does google give you? Marketing is an industry where the winner takes it all. In my humble opinion, nothing beats good old word of mouth. If you ask me, when it comes to choosing your aesthetic doctor, I feel its more effective if you search for the reviews of the doctor you are considering. If the reviews are all good, its unlikely to be the case, unless your Aesthetic Doctor is Dr Perfect LOL. You want one with a balance of positive and negative reviews.


Dr Daniel has a secret childhood ambition to play the bold bad-ass vocal drummer for an INDIE rock-band. Speaking of bold, he is terrified of cockroaches and possesses the musical talent of a SCARECROW, with his friends who are fortunate enough to listen to his crooning, attesting he sings *ahem* like a CHICKEN being skinned alive.

*I believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their very best. I am most grateful that my work allows me to give them awesome dreams. The way I do it is to understand, share and journey together. I just happen to beautify people.* =) Aesthetic Doctor | Daniel Chang

What do we do?

To serve the needs of men and women seeking aesthetic rejuvenation, providing them with useful educational information, ENCOURAGING AND EMPOWERING them to look and feel their very best, fulfilling their highest, truest, purest expression of themselves.

With a special interest in non-surgical facelift 2. Non surgical noselift 3. Acne scars + pigmentation Dr Daniel is committed to providing the highest standards of care through providing the most advanced and effective skin treatments available; treating every patient with respect and personalized attention; and creating a welcoming, comfortable environment.

In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Daniel Chang teaches doctors in the region in advanced Medical Aesthetic treatments. Passionate about his profession, he has authored multiple articles and sits on the Editorial Board of International Peer-reviewed Journals. In 2018, he was awarded Realself Top doctor.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, Dr Daniel Chang answered the nation’s call and volunteered as a medical frontliner in the dormitories in Singapore… manning the dormitories on-site in Community Isolation Facilities and the main Community Care Facility at Expo. Having 3 young girls in his home, he had to make the sacrifice of sleeping in a separate room, eating separate meals, and minimising contact with his family. A doctor with pure compassion and kindness. 

Our mission

Our Mission: MAKING ASIA MORE BEAUTIFUL, ONE FACE AT A TIME.  DREAM. DECIDE. DELIVER. – Dr Facelift | Dedicated to advancing the standards of Aesthetic Medicine Practice regionally, this can only mean good things for you.- Dr Facelift | Dr Daniel Chang

  Dr Daniel Chang
  1. Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (Singapore)
  2. Membership of Royal College of Surgeons (UK)
  3. Teaching Faculty of US Aesthetic Academy
  4. Alumni Member of National Skin Centre
  5. Associate Member of Dermatological Society of Singapore
  6. Member of Society of Aesthetic Medicine
  7. Member of American Academy of Regenerative Medicine (AARM)
  8. Member of American Society for Laser, Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS)
  9. Accredited by the Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee
  10. Key Opinion Leader | Regional Trainer for Lasers, Botulinum toxin, Filler and Threadlift
  11. Masterclass Trainer for American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
  12. Editorial Board Member | Author of international peer-reviewed journals
  13. Writer | Author | The Ultimate Guide to your Kickass Aesthetic Clinic Brand

Professional Statement

We know it’s always a challenge to find someone you can trust. We know and we CARE. We know no one is perfect and we too have our shortcomings. But, we are dedicated to doing our very BEST for you. We are here for you, and here to journey with you on your Aesthetic dream. Our dream is to help you look and feel your very best. To be so mentally strong that nothing can rock your peace. TRANSFORM your solitary fantasies into a million realities. Fulfil the highest, truest, purest expression of yourself. Making ASIA, more beautiful, one face at a time.

RealSelf Q&A with Daniel Chang, MBBS, MRCS,MSc

  1. Management of botox and filler complications   – Journal of Prime international journal of aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine
  2. Aesthetic Treatment modalities for Facial Rejuvenation – Journal of Practical Dermatology
  3. Assessing the safety and efficacy of Platelet Rich Plasma – Journal of Practical Dermatology
  4. Diagnosing and managing hair loss – Journal of Practical Dermatology
  5. Aesthetic Treatments and your Skin Barrier – Aesthetics Journal UK
  6. Asian Midface rejuvenation with Fillers, HIFU and Threadlift – Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy
  7. The 6Rs of Aesthetic Medicine – Journal of Surgical Medicine
  8. Editorial board of International peer-reviewed Journal

Area of Expertise

He has a special interest in treating the skin and face.微整形通常是非永久性的整形疗法,但是选择方便不需要开刀,修饰缺点的速度较多。

Dr Daniel Chang | Asia Aesthetic Dermatology
Injectibles with Dr Daniel Chang

Volunteer work

  1. Free Clinic to serve the underprivileged and needy
  2. Ex convict and needy Tattoo removal – Next Chapter project. Helping ex offenders erase memories of the past.
  3. Prisons tattoo removal – Yellow Ribbon Project
  4. Overseas Humanitarian Medical Project to Earthquake hit Padang
  5. SG Frontliners 2020 | Covid work
2014-10-07 16.58.59
Dr Daniel Chang

unnamed (3)
Dr Daniel Chang
Dr Daniel Chang

Believe. Dream. Achieve. Be bold and beautiful. Making Asia more beautiful, one face at a time.

Dr Daniel Chang

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  1. GA tracking? Nice one brah!


  2. Does dr Chang perform thread lifts etc in myotonic london


  3. Does dr Chang perform thread lifts etc in new York or anywhere in Europe or Middle East


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