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The KOREAN Aesthetics page

Dr Daniel Chang reviews existing Korean treatments and protocols and shares his unbiased insight. 

1) Injectibles.

Fillers. Botox:  Nose, chin, temple, cheeks, laugh line, jawline, undereye Fillers, botox, microbotox, Threadlifts, skinboosters, V Shaped face

Fillers, and a GLOBAL approach to beauty for enhancement, with emphasis on harmonising your Nose, Cheek and Chin

2) Energy based treatments: Korean HIFU DOUBLO, Korean Lasers, Ultrasound, Microneedling (Carbon laser, microneedling, KPL – korean pulsed light, BBL)

3) Regenerative medicine – PRP( platelet rich plasma) and Stem cell renewal treatment – All things anti-ageing.

Korean Aesthetic is in vogue. If something is important enough, you do it, even if  your critics tell you otherwise.

So what is Korean Aesthetic treatment? Who can benefit from Korean Aesthetic treatment? Where do you go for Korean Aesthetic treatment?

 OBJECTIVE of Korean aesthetic treatment?
  1. Why we do this?
  2. Identify your face shape
  3. What options do we have  – FACE | SKIN | HAIR|  BODY
  4. How we age?
  5. Video on fillers and threads.
WHY is anti ageing treatments growing?
  1. •        Rapidly maturing population as medical advances raise life expectancy
  2. •        Non invasive treatments are the trend. They are effective, safe, with ultra short downtime.
  3. •        Look Good. Feel Great. US market for Cosmetic Procedures reached US$19 billion in 2019
How hot are you?

Here is the classic finger trap test taken from ABC news. Try it and see if you meet the criteria. =)

American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2015 Annual Statistics
  1. •         Minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures boomed, with more than 13.9 million                  procedures in 2014.
  2. •         Botulinum Toxin Type A (6.7 million procedures up 6 percent from 2013 to 2014)
  3. •         Soft tissue fillers (2.3 million procedures up 3 percent from 2013 to 2014)
  4. •         Chemical peel (1.2 million procedures up 7 percent from 2013 to 2014)
  5. •         Laser hair removal (1.1 million procedures up 3 percent from 2013 to 2014)
  6. •         Microdermabrasion (881,905 procedures down 9 percent from 2013 to 2014)
What is an Ideal Asian Beauty face shape based on Korean Aesthetic?
How botox jaw slimming works

Korean Aesthetic: Its all about harmony and balance. A high nose may not suit every face. Similarly, a sharp chin may work well for some, but be unsuitable for others. Its not just about achieving the best nose and chin. Its about achieving the best features that complements and brings out the best in you.

What is an ideal western beauty face shape?
What korean aesthetic treatments can we do to beautify ourselves?
  1. •       FACE | SKIN | BODY | HAIR
  2. •       SHAPE: Fillers. Botox. Threadlifts
  3. •       SKIN: Tone. Texture. Colour .Clarity. Achieved thru – Lasers. Medical Peels
  4. •       BODY: Lifestyle. Medication. Fat removal.
  5. •       HAIR: Hair growth. Hair removal.
 face shape
Korean Aesthetic: What is our Asian face SHAPE? | We ASIANS have Broad Features. Hence the key is for harmony and balance. Westerners have strong midline features. Science of beauty is based on Restoration, Enhancement and Rejuvenation.
Korean Aesthetic
Dermalift Dr Daniel Chang | Notice near blood-less, pain-less
 What is the benefit of doing Medical Peels treatments and what can i expect? (AHA/BHA) Korean Aesthetic
  1. •       Indication – To refresh your skin.
  2. •       Conduct – Once a month treatment.
  3. •       Risks – Redness, skin hyper and hypopigmentation.
Dermal Fillers singapore | Korean Aesthetic

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the human body. It is found in the highest concentrations in fluids in our joints. The hyaluronic acid that is used as medicine is extracted from rooster combs or made by bacteria in the laboratory.

What are the Indications of dermal fillers?

  1. Healing skin wounds
  2. As a moisturiser
  3. As a dermal filler – Excellent for volumising, enhancement and restoration

Threadlift Singapore | Korean Aesthetic

How do threadlifts work? | Korean Aesthetic

threadlift singapore

What to expect with threadlift?

Post threadlift, some patients may experience temporary swelling, bruising and skin changes. These are shortlived and majority improve in 2 weeks.

|| The following illustrations are for educational purposes only. They do not represent patient photos. || Korean Aesthetic

How do we age? || Korean Aesthetic: The golden principle is as we age, we lose volume in the following areas. Skin – We start losing collagen from age 25. | Bone – Bony resorption occurs and our chin, maxilla and orbits become gradually sunken. | Soft Tissue – We lost volume in our cheeks, temples and lips.
Whats an ideal Asian face shape? 
download (image from BBC.com)
I am sure many of you would agree that Angelababy has a very beautiful face.  And thats because her face observes the facial zones. 
She has good harmony and balance, well define features, and ideal proportions. The following article will explain this further.


Injectibles:  DERMAL FILLERS

How is it done? 

Via a tiny cannula or needle to enhance / restore your features.

What to expect with non surgical Nose lift? | Korean Aesthetic

In some cases, there is minor swelling and bruising which resolves with time.

Here is a summary of where fillers can help to enhance, restore and rejuvenate your face.images (2)NOSE FILLERS: Nose fillers, to enhance your nose bridge, tip and body. For the perkier, sharper you. Non surgically, with minimal pain, downtime and bruising. Results are instant. Nose fillers can be used to correct a flat nose bridge, a down pointing nose tip, and a dorsal hump, all common in Asians. It cannot be used to make a nose smaller. To do so visually, there are options. In the grand scheme of things, it is important for the nose to harmonise with the rest of your facial features. Keeping things natural, simple and beautiful. 




Above is an example of nose fillers done to correct the sunken nose bridge, a common issue in Asians.

What do we need to know about chin fillers? | Korean Aesthetic

V shapeThe focus of V shaping, the secret to a slimmer, sharper face shape. Chin fillers can be used to correct a receding chin, a short chin, a chin that is sunken. Asians have a short chin, and more often than not, lacking in projection. Chin fillers, if done in key positions, can simulate a chin implant. Chin fillers do not change your bone structure. A series of chin fillers for the tapered, defined V look.
Above,  you see examples of chin filler and jaw botox done, to create the Korean Ultra V shape look.

With a well defined midline, your chin and nose will harmonise and bring out the best in you. Here’s a look at the Finger Trap Test.

What to know about Cheek fillers? | Korean Aesthetic

Perky cheeks are a sign of youth. As we age, the cheeks go first, flattening, descending, leading to the formation of the dreaded laugh lines. Creating the model- like cheeks, similar to cheek implants gives one a forever young look. Apple cheeks are important to frame a face, and rejuvenate your look.

And here, we have cheek fillers done to create beautiful apple cheeks
Now over to V SHAPING
The above patient had chin fillers, botox jaw and filler for laugh lines 


How to achieve Korean kissable lips?

Lip fillers serve 3 purposes, shape, volume and projection. Asians tend to lack full lips, so the Angelina Jolie and Shu Qi type lips are a rarity.  Curvier lips, with good volume and projection can give the illusion of youth and vitality. 
Areas to focus on in Asians include the cupid’s bow, the lip projection and harmonising with the nose tip and chin.  
Lip fillers do not change the shape of your lips, they enhance, project and define. 

How to get beautiful, well balanced, natural, Asian lips?

What is an attractive pair of lips? 
For an attractive lip, the upper lip should project around 2mm further than the lower lip.



Lip fillers can be used to add volume, definition and character to a face.

Asian lips and the concept of asian beauty differs with caucasians. 

Every face is unique and will respond differently.

Some people don’t mind if their lips are swollen and obviously ‘done’. Others prefer a natural look. As the area around the lips are highly vascular, you may see bruises from the injection, although this risk is reduced in experienced hands.  





Aftercare is important.

Ice after the injection, 5x a day, 5min each time, for 5 days or more after the injection to decrease swelling. 

I also recommend arnica as studies show they improve healing and recovery post injection.



This patient had Lip fillers and laugh line fillers 

How to correct DARK EYE CIRCLES Singapore?

Dark eye circles are common in Asians. 
They manifest due to 3 key reasons. 1) Thin skin 2) Blood vessel congestion 3) Genetic and allergic predisposition
Undereye fillers can help to fill the groove and brighten the undereyes, giving you an instant, fresher look. Undereye fillers cannot correct eye bags or excessively saggy skin. This is a job for blepharoplasty. 
.eyebagbeyebags a




Undereye filler works best in selected patients. For optimal results, it is best to combine with microbotox and HIFU.

So what are dark eye circles?

It’s largely 2 issues, the discolouration and the puffiness.


(courtesy of darkcirclesresearch.com)

Dark eye circles (discolouration) form as a result of vascular changes, shadowing, and pigments.

  1. Vacular changes – which can be purple, blue, pink depending on the oxygenation in the blood
  2. Shadowing – which is a direct result of ageing, where the skin develops fines lines and wrinkles and sags, and you lose volume in the cheeks
  3. Pigments – which is the stimulation of your melanin cells, commonly as a result of sun exposure.


Laugh lines occur due to sagginess and descent of the midface. The cheek fat gravitates downwards, and causes the sunken look. Hence the key is to lift, reposition and restore your midface volume FIRST. Overfilling of the laugh lines results in a stiff and un-natural look.

Filler-NLF (8)



A high forehead is a sign of youth, vitality and prosperity. To create a harmonious forehead, it is essential to harmonise with your nose, cheeks and eyebrows.


What is the Korean Love-band?

The Aegyo sal or silkworm is a lovely cute roll just under the eye, not to be mistaken with eyebags which occupy a lower position and are lesss perky. This look, when carried off well, gives one a sweet, charming smile. Some people have natural lovebands because of a hyperactive orbicularis oculi muscle. These folks are so blessed lol!

Beauty is around the eyes of the beholder.And I really mean around.Our eyes, are the symbol of youth, vitality and charm.And just under the eye is this unique roll known as the charm-roll in Korea.The charm roll is a sign of beauty.
tumblr_lpfacnJPPH1qkshn5download (1)
Here is an example of the Korean charm-roll. Popularised by Korean stars, if you watch Korean dramas, you will notice that this is hugely prevalent. Notice how the charm-roll adds sweetness and charm to a smile.So how can it be achieved?– Through a bladeless, non surgical technique. One does not require surgery in Korea to have these lovely rolls.- Just a tiny needle to inject Hyaluronic Acid fillers to create this lovely roll.- Choosing a physician with an aesthetic eye is vital, as just the right amount of filler should be used to create a perfectly proportioned charm-roll.Is it painful?– Commonly, patients will describe just an ant bite sensation.
Is it dangerous?– It is important to find a good physician. Under a skilled physician, the risk is minimised.
Is it the same as creating an eyebag?
Nope, absolutely not. This is a common myth.- An eyebag is right below the charm-roll, and makes your eyes look tired, dull, and dark.- A charm-roll on the otherhand, does not do the above. It helps you achieve…
  1. Bigger, brighter eyes
  2. Sweetness to your smile
  3. Cute, charming, youthful fullness

Is there any downtime with korean loveband treatment?

A small risk of bruising, like in every injection that you have.

Would it make my eyes look puffy or create dark eye circles?

Puffiness and dark eye circles are multi-factorial.

Common reasons include

  1. Lifestyle (sleep debt, stress)
  2. Genetic ( hereditary or history of allergies)
  3. Ageing

For more information on this, do refer to my article on dark eye circles.

Am I suitable for korean loveband?

Not every face is suitable. So this requires a consultation and examination with your preferred skin specialist. Generally, from an aesthetic point of view, patients with skin laxity or bulging eyebags will not be ideal candidates for the charm-roll procedure.

korean charm roll

ULTIMATE KOREAN 3D DREAMLIFT – consists of fillers +/- Vlift +/- Threads
As we discussed above, the key to youth is to reposition, revolumise and restore lost tissue. 
By firming, lifting and tightening skin, by adding volume where it has been lost, and by holding tissue together, we can achieve a DREAMLIFT. It all starts from the top, so we fill from top down. When we were younger, we had an inverted triangle face shape. As we age, our midface sags the most, resulting in the formation of jowls, and changing our face shape into a square. So the key here is to lift, while maintaining a natural, youthful you.
dsc_0312.jpg img-20160505-wa0005.jpgimg-20160505-wa0004.jpg

D.C -Dream-lift

The DC-Dream-Lift is Dr Daniel Chang’s signature technique, combining  a  popular non surgical facelift treatment originating from Seoul, South Korea, termed the Dermalift, the 8 Point Lift from South America, and the Ultra V threads from Korea and Taiwan.

VDerma-lift: It involves injecting botulinum protein into the superficial layers of the skin, which

1) Stimulates and re-orders the fibroblasts of your skin cells to bind more elastin and collagen, hence creating an instant firming,tightening and slimming effect

2) It also has a collagen stimulating effect, hence a sustained firming result over time.

8 Point Lift + Thread Ultra V lift: Followed by the careful use of fillers and threadsat key positions to lift, anchor and support your saggy skin. Overall result is a lifted, tighter you.

Saggy skin is a problem that affects us once we hit our 30s. Along with it, we see deepened lines, known as laugh lines that arise from the corner of the nose downwards.Our jawline becomes less sharp, and jowls start to appear. Hence, we start looking for facelift options, one of which is threadlifts.Threads are the rage these days, but before you jump on the bandwagon and literally attend a threadlift party, here are some important considerations.

I will classify face threads into 3 main categories.

  1. Biostimulation threads
  2. Support threads to lift soft tissue temporarily
  3. Suspension threads to lift and hold soft tissue with anchorage to a deeper fixed plane
PDO threads
These are essentially threads for biostimulation, meaning collagen production with slight holding power due to its cogs, barbs, hooks etc… The threads are absorbable, and they induce an inflammatory reaction that drives collagen growth.PDOs with multi-directional barbs can be arranged to create a dermal SMAS meshwork to provide support.
images cog
Suspension and contour threadsSuch threads have an anchor point, and are considered suspension threads as they anchor onto the SMAS layer, hence providing a stronger hold. They can also produce a contour effect through skin traction and holding the tissue in place with barbs.
threads 3
It is important to use FDA, HSA approved threads.
How do Suspension threads work?

What can I expect when doing face threadlifts | nose threadlifts? 

  1. Local anaesthesia is carefully injected into the entry and exit sites.
  2. The threads are gently passed under the skin to induce the lift.
  3. Whole procedure takes 30mins.
  4. One can expect mild bruising and swelling which will resolve on its own.

Which areas of my face can be improved with threadlift? 

  1. Midface | your cheeks
  2. Jawline
  3. Laugh lines and marionette lines | aka puppet lines
  4. Neck double chin

How lasting are the results of threadlift? 

One can expect up to 2 years, with maintainence treatment in the interim. A surgical facelift involves dissection and the repositioning of the SMAS. This is the gold standard for facelift.

In my humble opinion, threads in general, produce only modest results as they amount of anchoring and support is minimal. Just think about the science behind this. You are using tiny threads to provide the lift, logically, does it sound effective?

Hence the take- home message from this article is, not everyone is suitable for threads. And combination therapy, with fillers, collagen stimulators and energy based devices would be the way to go to produce a safe, efficient and effective non surgical facelift.

=============GLOBAL APPROACH TO BEAUTY ==================
model 6


What is it?

Tiny droplets of hyaluronic acid just under your skin, to lock in the moisture.


images (1)

Dewy, radiant, glowing skin.

How is it done?

images (4)

Microdoplets of filler with a machine or via injections.

Treatment interval? 

Once a month for 3 sessions.

Where can it be done?

images (2)



images (1)



images (2)

Face, neck and hands.

images (3)

What is HIFU | High intensity focused ultrasound treatment? 

HIFU is a cutting edge technology for lifting and tightening saggy skin.

How is HIFU done? 

A gel is applied on your face and neck, and a ultrasound probe delivers the energy directly over your face. You will feel a tingling sensation intermittently.

What are the Side effects of HIFU?

This is essentially a treatment with zero to minimal downtime. In some cases, you may see some redness that disappears over hours. In rare cases, wheals may form but this is also transient.

How does HIFU work?

HIFU – high intensity focused ultrasound onto the SMAS layer to lift and tighten.

What is the Treatment interval for HIFU?

2 sessions a year for optimum results


  1. Softening of the jawline, nasolabial fold, double chin.

2. Lifting of midface and eyebrow.

LASER treatment ===================================================32004867_sIMG-20150504-WA0005
So what is laser therapy?
Laser stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Lasers work by producing an intense beam of bright light that travels in one direction. The laser beam can vaporize and/or ablate skin tissue to improve wrinklesscars and blemishes, seal blood vessels or cut skin tissue.
The laser has the unique function to produce one specific color (wavelength) of light, which can be varied in its intensity and pulse duration.The skilled laser specialist will evaluate your skin condition and tailor the most appropriate  laser settings to suit your skin producing healthier and more even colour and clarity.
What are the benefits of a Medical grade laser? 
  1. Natural glow, healthy radiance
  2. Lightening blemishes and spots 
  3. Firm and tighten pores



Is there any downtime?  No this is a strictly no downtime procedure.

So what is skin resurfacing?
Being the latest breakthrough in skin rejuvenatn, skin resurfacing is used to improve cosmetic flaws – such as wrinkles, pores,  acne scars and aging or sun-damaged skin.Using a laser handpiece, undesired skin cells and wrinkles literally vanish and are replaced by fresh skin cells. The procedure also offers more control in the depth of penetration of the skin’s surface, allowing an increased degree of precision and safety in treating delicate areas.What can laser therapy target?A short office procedure with zero downtime.
1) scars and pores 
2) Fine lines and wrinkles
3) Uneven skin tone
Fractional Laser
  • Erase fine lines and wrinkles of the face.
  • Smooth and tighten eyelid skin.
  • Improve crow’s feet around the eyes.
  • Soften pucker marks and frown lines.
  • Remove brown spots and splotchy, uneven skin color.
  • Improve and flatten scars.
  • Repair smoker’s lines.
  • Improve skin tone and texture.
  • Remove tattoos.
  • Erase spider veins.

Removal of benign lesions:

Epidermal lesions – Good result

Dermal lesions – Risk of PIH and scars

Scars can be subsequently treated with a combination of laser resurfacing, subcision and fillers.


Scar over mid-forehead

What can be expected during and after treatment?

Discomfort is usually minor during the procedure, described as a sensation of heat and mild tingling. Following skin resurfacing, the treated areas are kept moist with ointment and repair creams the first few days. The treated sites must be protected from sunlight after the procedure. Once healing is completed, sunblock lotion should be applied. In some cases, a post inflammatory pigmentation may remain for several days to several months.  This can be well managed with topical treatment.

Common side effects with fractional laser?

Each year, thousands of laser resurfacing procedures are performed successfully. Significant complications are rare, and the risk of scarring is low.

My mnemonic is RBC.

  • D= Day
  • D1 – D2 Redness or brown discoloration at the treatment sites
  • D3 – D5 Bronzing of skin
  • D5 – D7 Crusting (which usually goes away over 4- 7 days)

These are usually minimized by our post treatment care regime.

What are the limitations of laser resurfacing?

Laser resurfacing is not a substitute for a facelift nor can the procedure eliminate excessive skin or jowls. However, via tightening loose skin, laser resurfacing can improve certain folds and creases. Laser resurfacing works well in conjunction with or as an additional treatment to other cosmetic skin procedures such as botox, fillers, RF skin tightening,  chemical peels, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and liposuction of the face and neck.

What are the pros of laser?

  • Improved therapeutic results
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • “Bloodless” surgery with most lasers
  • An alternative to traditional scalpel surgery, in some cases
  • Less scarring, in most cases
  • Safe and effective outpatient, same-day surgery for many skin conditions

A beautiful face. 3 simple words, which generates a multitude of images in our minds. So what is a beautiful face? How do we define it? Is there a universal definition of beauty?I like to think of this in 3s, so let me introduce the concept of the 3 shapes of beauty, which I learnt from an American Plastic Surgeon. This comprises of…
  1. The outer oval, comprising of a full temple, apple cheeks, slim jawline, shapely chin
  2. The inner circle comprising the brows and the eyes
  3. And the midline triangle, comprising of the nose and lips.

Let me explain.


Lets take a look at this face. The outer oval would comprise of the line joining the temple, to the cheek, to the jawline, and ending with the chin. In this actress, we see a seamless line that continues down and laterally from the temples, to the well volumised cheeks, the slim jawline and the well shaped chin.



For a beautiful female chin, on side profile, it must lie close to or at the line seen above. This is agreed upon by Plastic Surgeons.


ideal chin


And on frontal view, the length from the tip of the chin to the lower lip should be twice that of the base of nose to the upper lip. This is akin to the Golden Ratio. A good example is seen here in Korean star Han Ga In.


Moving on, lets discuss the next shape, the inner circle around the eyes.

This can be divided into

  1. Well shaped brows which frames the face and gives you a refreshed look
  2. Smooth wrinkle free skin lateral and medial to the eyes,
  3. Soft jelly roll under the eye, evident in the picture below.






Finally, the last shape. The inner triangle, comprising the nose and lips.

Notice how the nose in this actress is sharp, high and narrow? A slender nose, with a high bridge that extends from the brows, and a seamless body that curls over the tip. The only thing to be careful here is an exaggerated nose bridge, which would have you looking like our model below, aka, the ‘Avatar’ look.

As for the lips, the borders are well defined and there is preservation of the 2:1 ratio for the volume of lower lip compared to upper lip.

th (1)


Moving on, lets look at a popular test you can do at home. It’s called the finger trap test, that determines if you are HOT, or NOT.



Here’s how it works. Basically, if you place your finger to your nose, and it touches the lips and chin, then yes, you are in the HOT list.

And here, we have the Hollywood A list of celebrities who fall into this category.


( From ABC news)

So are you hot, or not? Happy finger trapping!


Be inspired. Be bold and beautiful.


– Dr Daniel Chang


NOSE =======================================================


Nose, the perfect Asian nose.


What is it?

Let me attempt to share with you, how we doctors assess, and beautify, a nose. Let us divide the nose into the bridge, the body and the tip.




We Asians tend to have a low and flat bridge.

The nose body tends to have a hump, so its is not a continuous linear transition.

The nose tip can be rounded and wide.

And worse, our nose may not be well harmonised with the rest of the face.


Now the perfect nose has got to be well balanced and harmonised into your face.

Here is the science behind it.


But lets not bore you.

Here is the art behind it.




(Scarlett Johansson taken from ABC news)

She is known to have a well balanced, well harmonised nose, and one of the best in Hollywood.





Notice this picture of a Korean star. See how the tip is upturned, the base is narrow, the body is long and straight, and the bridge, high and mighty.


Here is the science behind it.







But lets not bore you further.


Here’s the art behind it.




In the Western world, Kate Middleton has arguably a perfect nose.

3 key points.

1) High bridge

2) Feminine tip with a upturned curve

3) Slender body proportionate to the face


In the Asian world, we pride ourselves on a sharp nose to complement and accentuate a V shaped look.

After pics


Now this lady created a mini buzz with her super sharp chin. It was likened to a tapered container.

So essentially, I hope this light segment on the perfect nose will provide you with some interesting tidbits.

Happy New Year!


Dr Daniel Chang


The Perfect Face 
What is the perfect Asian face?
Dating back to BC, ancient Greeks believed beauty was represented by a Golden Ratio of 1:1.618.The golden ratio is a beauty calculation validated by researchers for the assessment of beauty. Applying it to Asian faces, we notice that Asians fall short of it. This can be easily augmented by chin and nose fillers. Using hyaluronic acid filler injections, you can reshape your chin and nose, therefore improving both your side and frontal profile.
Fillers, Botox, , microbotox, which to do and when to do it? These are the questions on everyone’s mind this festive season. To do or not to do, that is the question.
How can it be done?BTX-A is often used to reduce the size of masseter (jaw muscles). Together with chin fillers, the ideal V-shaped look can be achieved non-surgically.IMG-20141028-WA0007
What is used?
A combination of Dysport, Botox, Xeomin can all be used. These are FDA, HSA approved and noted for their efficacy, safety and durability.Fillers can be divided into natural and permanent. Natural ones contain hyaluronic acid, which is a natural sugar found in the body. Personally, I would choose natural fillers.
What is Hyaluronic acid filler?
Hyaluronic acid filler is a protein similar to what is found in our skin, eyes and joints. It is safe for facial contouring, and reversible, either through injecting an enzyme and is also naturally broken down by the body over months.
What is microbotox?
It is the use of diluted botulinum toxin to induce 3 endpoints. Note that this is currently an off label use in Singapore. I believe in the use of microbotox with Thermage or Ulthera to enhance the skin lifting properties, hence reducing laugh lines, jowls, fine lines and wrinkles.
  1. Reduction in oil production
  2. Tightening of pores to improve skin texture
  3. Skin tightening to improve sagginess and add to your radiancy and glow

What causes a square jaw?


(Mandible or jawbone- picture courtesy of wikipedia)

The masseters are two muscles found on each side of your jaw. They serve as muscles of mastication, which means they help you to chew. The other muscle groups that perform this function are the temporalis muscles and the pterygoid muscles.

In a condition known as bruxism (excessive chewing or grinding at night), the masseters at the jawline can grow in bulk( making the jaws look square), much like how body builders pump their muscles.

Therefore, injecting Botox to relax the muscles is effective in causing the muscles to reduce in size, hence inducing a slimmer contour to the face.



So how is it done?

Botox is injected into the masseters on each side of the face and spread out at multiple points within the muscle. It is effective, with minimal pain and no downtime. The procedure is non surgical procedure, and the face slimming effect is seen at any time between 4 to 6 weeks.

What are the side effects?

In the first week, there may be a slight ache over the jaw, especially with chewing. This should be transient. You should abstain from massaging the muscles and from lying down for 4 hours after the procedure.

Where else can botox be used for?

Wrinkles in the upper face – forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet.

Brow lifting, to enhance a refreshed, brighter look. Ageing leads to low-set brows which often makes one look dull and tired.







What is Korean Pulsed Light | Broad band light treatment?

Indication of broadband light? It is used forRed marks, brown spots, pimples, pores, and for achieving a red carpet glow.

How does broadband ligt treatment feel? Brief rubber band snaps to your skin

Is there any downtime with broadband light treatment? Nil




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