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How is it done? 

Commonly via needle or a micro-cannula, which reduces pain and bruising.


What to expect? 

In some cases, there is minor swelling and bruising which resolves with time.

Here is a summary of where fillers can help to enhance, restore and rejuvenate your face.

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玻尿酸 / Nose, Undereye, Cheek, Chin, Lips, Temple Fillers


Nose fillers, to enhance your nose bridge, tip and body. For the perkier, sharper you. Non surgically, with minimal pain, downtime and bruising. Results are instant. Nose fillers can be used to correct a flat nose bridge, a down pointing nose tip, and a dorsal hump, all common in Asians. It cannot be used to make a nose smaller. To do so visually, there are options. In the grand scheme of things, it is important for the nose to harmonise with the rest of your facial features. Keeping things natural, simple and beautiful.


( To learn more about the difference between surgical vs non surgical rhinoplasty, please click here) 

Who are Suitable patients?

 The procedure is suitable for anyone who has not had surgical rhinoplasty or permanent fillers. 

What are Possible Results To Expect?

  1. Smoothen the nose profile
  2. Raise the nose bridge
  3. Lift the nose tip

Results of the Nose Threadlift generally last 12 to 18 months.  Number of threads vary and depend on your nasal profile.

What is the benefit of nose threadlift over nose fillers?

  1. No risk of blindness and skin necrosis
  2. Lasts longer compared to fillers
  3. Give you a natural looking, sharp and straight nose profile without the risk of the nose bridge widening

So is it better to do a rhinoplasty, Nose Filler or Nose Threadlift?

  1. This depends very much on your aim and existing nose profile.
  2. For general nose contouring in a straight nose, threadlift is the choice.
  3. For noses with volume deficits for example a dorsal hump, fillers are required.
  4. For an obvious and 3D look, combination of threadlift and filler gives the best results.
  5. For a long term results, go for surgical rhinoplasty, though there is downtime.


Why do I have no or minimal results post nose threadlift?

  1. Nose Threads used were the incorrect quality, commonly too thin, lacking cogs, not firm enough etc, hence creating a firming but minimal lifting effect.
  2. Nose Threads quantity was not enough or technique of placement of Nose Threads was not optimum.
  3. Need for Nose fillers to augment certain areas on your nose.

Bottomline: Not all threads are equal. The quality of threads used is important.

Can men undergo Nose Threadlift?

Nose Threadlift is commonly used for nose augmentation in men these days. As males tend to have larger noses with dorsal humps, fillers may be required, and more threads too , compared to an average female.

How many sessions do most people need to achieve a good result?

For most patients, one session is required. For the minority who desire very obvious results, top ups may be needed. For optimum results, a repeat treatment at 6 to 12 months is highly recommended.

What are the side effects? 

  1. Injection marks which will heal with proper care.
  2. Risk of infection, hence it is important to do the procedure in a medical clinic under sterile technique.
  3. Soreness of the nose.

*Please note: As this is a medical procedure, results may vary from individual to individual. Hence it is best to seek a consultation with your physician to understand the treatment further.

Rhinoplasty – non surgical vs surgical
Nose types
nose shapes
nose shape
Types of nose shape
Korean aesthetics
Nose profile
hiko nose


hiko nose
hiko nose
Nose filler, Nose threadlift
隆鼻 / Nose enhancement


Above is an example of nose fillers done to correct the sunken nose bridge, a common issue in Asians.


V shapeThe focus of V shaping, the secret to a slimmer, sharper face shape. Chin fillers can be used to correct a receding chin, a short chin, a chin that is sunken. Asians have a short chin, and more often than not, lacking in projection. Chin fillers, if done in key positions, can simulate a chin implant. Chin fillers do not change your bone structure. A series of chin fillers for the tapered, defined V look, with a sharper, more defined chin.
V-slimming, Jaw slimming
瘦脸针 +  /  Jaw slimming with Chin fillers
Above,  you see examples of chin filler and jaw botox done, to create the Korean Ultra V shape look.
Chin fillers
v shape face
3D Ultra V Lift


V Lift
Beauty profile
Finger-trap test

With a well defined midline, your chin and nose will harmonise and bring out the best in you. Here’s a look at the Finger Trap Test.



Perky cheeks are a sign of youth. As we age, the cheeks go first, flattening, descending, leading to the formation of the dreaded laugh lines. Creating the model- like cheeks, similar to cheek implants gives one a forever young look. Apple cheeks are important to frame a face, and rejuvenate your look.

Ageing face
korean beautiful cheeks
Apple cheeks
cheek fillers
cheek fillers
Apple cheeks / 萍果肌
And here, we have cheek fillers done to create beautiful apple cheeks.



Laugh lines occur due to sagginess and descent of the midface. The cheek fat gravitates downwards, and causes the sunken look. Hence the key is to lift, reposition and restore your midface volume FIRST. Overfilling of the laugh lines results in a stiff and un-natural look.

Filler-NLF (8)
Laugh line filler
laugh line scale
laugh line scale
Midface volume scale
Midface scale
photo-ageing scale



Marionette lines or puppy lines form as a result of ageing and photodamage, causing collagen loss and subsequent saggy skin.

Skin fold scale
skin fold scale


Fillers and botox
Fillers and botox




temple fillers

Temple volume loss is common in women. 3 key take home messages.

  1. Ageing causes temple wasting.
  2. Vigorous aerobic exercises exacerbates this.
  3. Temple fillers help to lift the face and project the corner of the eyebrows.



Lip fillers serve 3 purposes, shape, volume and projection. Asians tend to lack full lips, so the Angelina Jolie and Shu Qi type lips are a rarity.  Curvier lips, with good volume and projection can give the illusion of youth and vitality. 
Areas to focus on in Asians include the cupid’s bow, the lip projection and harmonising with the nose tip and chin.  
Lip fillers do not change the shape of your lips, they enhance, project and define. 
Lip fillers

Beautiful, well balanced, natural, Asian lips

hiko nose and lip fillers
beautiful face
beautiful v shape face
lip filler
Lip fillers
Lip enhancement

What is an attractive pair of lips? 

For an attractive lip, the upper lip should project around 2mm further than the lower lip.


  1. Lip fillers can be used to add volume, definition and character to a face.
  2. Asian lips and the concept of asian beauty differs with caucasians.
  3. Every face is unique and will respond differently.

Some people don’t mind if their lips are swollen and obviously ‘done’. Others prefer a natural look. As the area around the lips are highly vascular, you may see bruises from the injection, although this risk is reduced in experienced hands.  


Lip anatomy

Post lip filler aftercare principles: 

  1. Aftercare is important.
  2. Ice after the injection, 5x a day, 5min each time, for 5 days or more after the injection to decrease swelling.
  3. I also recommend arnica as studies show they improve healing and recovery post injection.



Dark eye circles are common in Asians. 
They manifest due to 3 key reasons. 1) Thin skin 2) Blood vessel congestion 3) Genetic and allergic predisposition
Undereye fillers can help to fill the groove and brighten the undereyes, giving you an instant, fresher look. Undereye fillers cannot correct eye bags or excessively saggy skin. This is a job for blepharoplasty. 
Dark eye circle
eyebags a
Dark eye circle

Above is the anatomy of the tear trough (undereye).

A: the orbicularis oculi muscle

B: Fat pad

C: the tear trough, which is formed by an underlying tear trough ligament



Under eye filler

Undereye filler works best in selected patients. For optimal results, it is best to combine with microbotox and HIFU.

So what are dark eye circles?

It’s largely 2 issues, the discolouration and the puffiness.


(courtesy of darkcirclesresearch.com)

Dark eye circles (discolouration) form as a result of vascular changes, shadowing, and pigments.

  1. Vacular changes – which can be purple, blue, pink depending on the oxygenation in the blood
  2. Shadowing – which is a direct result of ageing, where the skin develops fines lines and wrinkles and sags, and you lose volume in the cheeks
  3. Pigments – which is the stimulation of your melanin cells, commonly as a result of sun exposure.


A high forehead is a sign of youth, vitality and prosperity. To create a harmonious forehead, it is essential to harmonise with your nose, cheeks and eyebrows.

Forehead filler


Korean Love-band, Charm-roll – Aegyo Sal

The Aegyo sal or silkworm is a lovely cute roll just under the eye, not to be mistaken with eyebags which occupy a lower position and are lesss perky. This look, when carried off well, gives one a sweet, charming smile.

Aegyo sal
Beauty is around the eyes of the beholder.And I really mean around.Our eyes, are the symbol of youth, vitality and charm.And just under the eye is this unique roll known as the charm-roll in Korea.The charm roll is a sign of beauty.
Korean loveband

download (1)

Here is an example of the Korean charm-roll. Popularised by Korean stars, if you watch Korean dramas, you will notice that this is hugely prevalent. Notice how the charm-roll adds sweetness and charm to a smile.So how can it be achieved?– Through a bladeless, non surgical technique. One does not require surgery in Korea to have these lovely rolls.- Just a tiny needle to inject Hyaluronic Acid fillers to create this lovely roll.- Choosing a physician with an aesthetic eye is vital, as just the right amount of filler should be used to create a perfectly proportioned charm-roll.Is it painful?– Commonly, patients will describe just an ant bite sensation.
Is it dangerous?– It is important to find a good physician. Under a skilled physician, the risk is minimised.
Is it the same as creating an eyebag?
Nope, absolutely not. This is a common myth.- An eyebag is right below the charm-roll, and makes your eyes look tired, dull, and dark.- A charm-roll on the otherhand, does not do the above. It helps you achieve…
  1. Bigger, brighter eyes
  2. Sweetness to your smile
  3. Cute, charming, youthful fullness

Is there any downtime?

A small risk of bruising, like in every injection that you have.

Would it make my eyes look puffy or create dark eye circles?

Puffiness and dark eye circles are multi-factorial.

Common reasons include

  1. Lifestyle (sleep debt, stress)
  2. Genetic ( hereditary or history of allergies)
  3. Ageing

For more information on this, do refer to my article on dark eye circles.

Am I suitable?

Generally, from an aesthetic point of view, patients with skin laxity or bulging eyebags will not be ideal candidates for the charm-roll procedure.


So I hope this has been informative. You now know the difference between a charm roll and a simple eyebag. So be bold and beautiful!


Many people have chubby cheeks and double chin. To some, it may be a fashion statement.  A symbol of power of and wisdom.


To others, it is a curse. Hence some may go to Korea to undergo liposuction to achieve the perfect V shape look.

v shape face
v shape face

Today, I will share with you options available for reducing your double chin and chubby cheeks.

The medical term for chubby cheeks and double chin is excess Buccal Fat AND Submental Fat. Now all of us have it, however, in some cases, it is more visible due to a combination of reasons.

What is the cause of chubby cheeks and double chin?

3 key reasons. Ageing, Genetics and Weight gain.


How can you lose and reduce buccal fat?

If you desire to reduce the excess fat and tighten your skin, there are some options available.

There is no one size fits all technique. Options are on a case by case basis.

Definitive treamtment is surgical removal for moderate to severe cases.

For mild to moderate cases and a desire for non surgical intervention, combination treatment helps. This is my preferred approach. I call it the TIE approach.

  • T: Threadlift and Microtoxin to provide skin firming and support
  • I:  Injection – with lipo-dissolve solutions – Deoxycholic acid, Kybella
  • E: Energy based devices – Skin tightening with Energy based devices RF, HIFU, And fat reduction via fat freezing


buccal fat
buccal fat

Here we can see where the buccal fat is located. Notice it is right in front of the jawline, hence contributing to a square jaw in Asians. Depending on the severity, the above options of non surgical vs surgical are available and will give a certain degree of efficacy.

chubby cheeks – buccal fat



Next lets look at the chin and neckline. Notice a bulge under your chin? That is due to skin laxity and soft tissue accumulation.

saggy neck

In certain cultures, it is a fashion trend and a symbol of wisdom and power.

double chin

However for most of us, it is something we prefer not to have.


And just for laughs, there is actually a restaurant named Double Chin! Bet the food is so yummy they promise you weight gain in all the right places haha.


Dr Daniel Chang’s TIE approach

  • T: Threadlift and Microtoxin to provide skin firming and support
  • I:  Injection – with lipo-dissolve solutions – Deoxycholic acid, Kybella
  • E: Energy based devices – Skin tightening with Energy based devices RF, HIFU, And fat reduction via fat freezing
T: Threadlift and Microtoxin
Pls refer to my link on Threadlift/ facelift. 
I: INJECTION with lipo-dissolve solutions
What is KYBELLA® (deoxycholic acid)injection?


Lipodissolve procedure. An FDA approved product,KYBELLA® is a prescription medicine used in adults to improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin (submental fat), also called “double chin.”

Who should not receive KYBELLA®?

You should not receive KYBELLA® if you have an infection in the treatment area.

What are the possible side effects of KYBELLA®?

KYBELLA® can cause serious side effects, including nerve injury in the jaw (which can cause an uneven smile or facial muscle weakness). The most common side effects of KYBELLA® include swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, redness, and areas of hardness in the treatment area.

E: ENERGY based devices

Please refer to the article  on Facelift. 

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