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Freckles Singapore…

What are freckles?

Freckles are small flat marks or spots that are commonly found on sun-damaged areas of your skin. They can be tan, red, light brown or dark brown.

FRECKLES Singapore Treatment


Pigmentation Solution: My 3 step FORMULA

1. Treatment: Laser/ light/ peels
2. Cosmeceuticals: Sunblock + Lightening agents – ORAL and topical
3. Skin renewal: Boost hydration and repair

What are they?

– Freckles are spots which commonly appear with sun exposure and are found on the cheeks and nose.
– They  darken with sun exposure.
– They show up in the teenage years, increasing with age.
– They lighten with sun protection and a combination of therapies.

How can we treat it? 

– In my opinion, treatment includes strictly avoiding the sun and using sun protection, using skin lightening agents and laser + light therapy.
– Here is an example of freckles.





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