MELASMA | Singapore


So what causes Melasma?

– Melasma is very common with the Asian skin. It is multifactorial, with a strong genetic and hormonal component.

– It is worsened with sun exposure, OCPs and pregnancy.

– It tends to be distributed either over the cheeks or a central distribution from the forehead down to the chin.

How can we treat it? 

– There are many treatment regimens for melasma.
– Melasma is a condition that can be controlled and not cured. 
– It is a spectrum, and there is no one size fits all regime.
– A carefully personalised programme works best as every melasma is different.
– Personally, I would suggest an advanced treatment which consists of priming the skin with lightening agents for a month, +/- oral medication followed by careful chemical peels and lasers.
1. Use good sunscreen, apply it 15min before going out. And reapply it every 2 hours.
2. Use gentle lightening agents
3. Laser light +/- Cosmelan








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