NECK LINES | Singapore

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What are neck lines?

These are skin crease that form. Your skin over the neck is attached to the soft tissue beneath. Repetitive folding in the areas of connection breaks down collagen in your skin.

What is the cause of neck lines?

  1. Genetic – Some people just get it
  2. Collagen loss – With age, these lines get deeper and longer

How can we reduce neck lines?

The aim is to promote collagen formation, to prevent breakdown of existing collagen in the skin and keep your skin hydrated.

How to reduce collagen breakdown in your skin?

1. Use Sunblock. UV rays is a major casue of collagen loss.

2. Avoiding rapid weight fluctuations. This leads to skin loss of elasticity.

3. Avoid smoking. This leads to free radical damage.

How can you promote collagen in your skin to reduce your neck lines?

  1. Micro Botox involves injecting a very small number of units in several areas over the wrinkle every few months.
  2. Dermal fillers and Threadlifts have been used to stimulate collagen in the skin, firming and tightening your neck lines.
  3. Surface treatments like skinboosters, peels, lasers, and ultherapy can stimulate collagen production.

How can you hydrate your skin?

1. Drink plenty of water, and minimize caffeine and alcohol use.

2. Use topical hyaluronic acids and moisturizers to plump the skin. Regularly exfoliate with either facials or alpha hydroxy acids at home.

3. Skinboosters injection to hydrate your skin.