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Large pores on face… We all have them, its just that some are more visible than others.

Pesky large pores on face… vs PORE-FECT skin

They appear on your face, commonly on your nose and cheeks, and you have tried just about every skincare in the market, but you cant seem to get rid of them. What next?In our hot and humid climate, pores tend to open up. Let me share with you some tips on how to get on top of this pesky problem.

What are large pores on the face?

Pores are akin to breathing holes for your skin. They grow in size with age.

What causes large pores on face?

Large pores are caused by 3 main reasons.

First, impurities like dead skin, debris, excess oil is trapped inside and causes it to grow like a balloon.

Second, ageing causes the loss of collagen and elastin, so the pores lose the tautness and distends. Finally environmental factors like smoking and sun exposure speeds up the ageing process via collagen breakdown.

Your genetic makeup.

large pores on face Singapore
PORES singapore

So the big question is, how can you minimise your large pores on face?

Treatment can be divided into lifestyle changes and advanced procedures. Allow me to explain.

  1. Sun protection. Never leave home without them. Remember my T.C.S principle.
  2. Exofoliate with your homecare retinoids, AHAs and BHAs. If you require more, the next step is chemical peels, as these remove the dead skin cells and excess oil in your skin, and help your skin to thicken and boost hydration.
  3. Antioxidants. Here’s where drinking your green tea and considering your Heliocare White Radiance will help. These reduce the photodamage to your skin and the loss of collagen and elastin.
  4. Cleanse, tone and moisturize, because this will help to reduce the impurities clogging and distending your poor pore. 

If after the above measures, you are still unhappy with the way your pores look, you may explore more advanced treatments. Let me share with you some.

carbon laser peel Singapore
Carbon peeling. Laser pulses.
carbon laser peel

3 ADVANCED Steps to MINIMISE your pores

  1. Lasers and IPL
  2. Energy based devices – RF microneedling / Skinboosters
  3. Microbotox + Rejuran | Profhilo + Retinol

The science behind this is NEW collagen production, which helps in tightening your pores. Your pores are minimised. However, with ageing and environmental damage, collagen is lost and thats WHY pores grow larger with time.

1. Lasers and IPL -Careful use of lasers to build collagen and tighten those pores will go a long way to improving the appearance.

  • Laser toning with Fractional lasers1064nmQS ND YAG, Alex lasers, Noble TONING work well.

Others include the Carbon Peel which has good results with pore refining, oil reduction and rejuvenation of dull skin. In fact, it has been dubbed the Hollywood peel. Stars undergo this peel just before a red carpet event to give them a soft glow and a vibrant complexion. I have added the URL here for you to get a glimpse of this treatment in Hollywood.

  • Fractional lasers have a role to play as well. They produce faster results, at the cost of slight downtime. These include CO2 lasers and Erbium.

2. Energy Based Devices

  • RF microneedling – In Korea, studies have demonstrated the efficacy of microneedling coupled with Radiofrequency heat energy to induce collagen and tighten pores. One example of such a machine is the Intracel.
  • Thermage – This is an advanced Radiofrequency machine which utilises heat to induce immediate collagen contraction and subsequent remodelling. They can be used as a mini skin-lift, to tighten pores and increase radiancy and vibrancy.
skinboosters singapore
restylane skin boosters

3. Microbotox, Rejuran – The use of microbotox has in some instances, shown to reduce pore size, oil production. sweat production and induce overall skin tightening. Rejuran too, can boost skin elasticity, collagen growth and tighten pores and rejuvenate your face.

For more information on Rejuran, please click on the link.

poresSo I hope this has been useful. Remember, small pores are possible! 
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