Ultimate-V-Threadlift, 瓜子脸

Why do we have saggy skin?

1. Biological ageing – Gradual loss of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid in skin, bone loss and soft tissue loss

2. Photo-ageing – Sun exposure leads to free radical damage of skin collagen, elastin, Hyaluronic acid

How can we treat saggy skin?

  1. Microbotox + Fillers
  2. Lifting with Threadlift
  3. Maintainence with energy based devices – RF, HIFU


How do these treatments work?

Micro-toxin is a special technique that helps to tighten and firm the upper layers of the skin.

Fillers help to revolumise, hence firming the skin layers.

Threadlifts serve to lift, reposition and anchor the layers.

HIFU and RF stimulate fibroblasts to induce neo-collagenesis.

All the above treatments promote collagen growth, hence further enhancing the skin firming and tightening result. This improves skin quality and dynamism.

Is there any downtime?

These treatments are classified as non-invasive treatments.

  • Please refer to the individual treatments for further understanding.


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